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    More color?


      Ghost doesn't have horrible graphics, but they're bland. MW3 had some pretty nice shadows, lighting, and weapon reflections. Maybe future DLC will have more vibrate colored environments, but I wish Ghost wasn't so bland to look out. What does everyone else think? More color?

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          I'm not sure why, but enemies seem to blend in well to the environments and backgrounds. I would like to see players "pop" a little more against the maps.

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              Overall the graphics in this game are pretty solid IMO. But when you walk into rooms with minimal lighting and you cant see guys hiding in corners from ten feet away it is an issue.

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              i think ghosts has great graphics and maps better or the same as mw3.  just look around when you got some time, there is alot of cool lighting graphics.  there are many things people dont ever see, like steam coming out of pipes, or out of the cracks in the pipes.  you can see some awesome lighting storms in the distance on a couple maps. just take some time and look around. these maps are very cool, cant wait for new ones.

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                  There are WAY TOO MANY fine details that simply are NOT needed in this game. All the time put into doing those things could have been used to fix the MAJOR issues plaguing this game.


                  As stated there are literally TONS of areas on every map in this game that you can tuck yourself into and simply NOT BE SEEN. To prove my point with some of my clan mates I played 10 games and went to some of these spots and get set up and while I never shot my gun/moved, the enemy NEVER SAW ME and was literally almost touching me at certain points.

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                  Seems to be the last gen consoles that suffer. I've got the PS4 version of this and it is a lot more colourful than the 360 version.

                  1 map where this is plainly obvious is Tremor. On 360 it's a horrible grey mess but on PS4 it's actually quite nice to look at.

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                    on the x one the colors are pretty amazing the first game i played was on prison break and i couldnt believe how much it popped. i could see most people standing in trees ect..