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    damm.!!! cheaters

      please black opss i have pay 60 euro 4 black opss 1  do somthing KICK THE CHEATERS .!!!!!! PLEASE .!!!!!

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          Re: damm.!!! cheaters

          3Arc and Activision don't have the greatest support when it comes to older games, I'm not even sure if they bother even to respond to ban/kick requests in game anymore.

          All we can do is report them and move on.

          Personally though I'm more annoyed with the rank up lobbys, I keep getting this funky green text every time I play certain gamemodes.

          I can suggest you play more Demolition and Capture The Flag, they have the least amount of hackers in at the moment, plus they are objective based so it is easier to avoid any if you happen to get into a match with them.

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              Re: damm.!!! cheaters

              I run into hackers now everyday, and demolition seems to be the worse of my experience. I've sent messages to them stating that I have reported them, not aggressive or belittling, but just stating it with hopes they will stop and have received several replies saying that the reporting system is a joke. That nothing is done about it. I even had one that replied he had gotten the hack from an employee of Activision and would in turn sell it to me for PS points. If nothing is going to be done about it, when I eventually upgrade I will research and go to a system that is concerned with their clients investments.

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