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    Black Ops 3 LEAKED??!!



      Frank Wood's (James C. Burns') official Twitter page just tweeted this...!

      What do you all think? Personally, I'm more positive of Treyarch making CoD 2014 than SH. Why? Well, here's my reasons:


      1. SH have just said they're looking for workers. Wouldn't it be too late to look for workers now if they ARE making the next CoD?

      2. SH said they've grown a lot lately, but is that enough for them to make a full Call of Duty title on their own?

      3. A few months ago, James C Burns had a giveaway video (I think) and he mentioned Black Ops 3, and later that day, he replaced the sound in that video with music. He wouldn't do that if he didn't want to hide something, right?

      4. This tweet.

      5. If you look at more tweets on this twitter page, you will see that he has retweeted several things related to the next CoD.


      So, I think I'm like 80% sure that Treyarch WILL make the next CoD. But whatcha all think?