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      The other day me and two of my friends were playing ghosts on xbox 360 and we got deranked. we were also given -45000 skill points, making it impossible to unlock anything. Could you please look into this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank

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          For example if you boost and get caught they are allowed to derank you beyond repair.


          Like for example in some games where they gave you 10 thousand deaths.



          So did you cheat, mod , or boost in even 1 game ?

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            it wasnt infinty ward that deranked me and gave me the negative skill points. It was a random running hacked lobbies

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                You should added that to your post cause now people think you were caught and reset.

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                  Since you got into a hacked lobby nothing still can be done by Activision or help with the other people helping in this forum.


                  Best you can hope to do is not draw attention to yourself which COULD lead to a ban / reset punishment by Activision.

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                      I contacted Activision directly when i ended up in a hacked lobby. The lobby prestiged my character after one kill. When i contacted them i requested that they reset the stats from that match. They said they would get back to me and never did. Hopefully they can do something about your problem. I suggest contacting them via the online customer support. The twitter customer support sucks for the most part.

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                          They very likely cant help you. see you have the stats on your machine stored on XBL. They have a server that has your stats backed up.


                          No offense on this but when you "willingly" update your stats it updates on both the server and at MS servers. Willingly mean play a game, unwilling would be a power outage, server knockdown etc. They only possible way to possibly fix your stats is to never play Ghosts again until they can look at it and that has to be immediately after you played that lobby.


                          The only real option you have is to immediately go thru Acti Support and send in a ticket but it could be a week before they can look at it. That means for that whole week you cant play Ghosts.


                          Reason I mentioned not to draw attention to yourself is if you willingly stayed in that lobby and got more than 1 kill, the longer you stay in the more you risk getting in trouble.


                          XBL policy for example states that when you find yourself in a modded lobby shut the Xbox off by the power button or pulling the plug. Hitting the star or big X button for example can unlock some modifications.

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                          I don't know, starbuck. I'm with you on all this hacked lobby stuff. I mean, if there's something funky going on in a lobby, even if a player doesn't know the first thing about hackers & cheats ... why don't they back out? I played WaW a couple months ago and was as excited as Godzilla jumping up and down because there was nothing funky going on. The second match, I thought I might have imagined one player moving a little fast. The third match, I found that if I hit the sprint button a certain way, I would move really fast, too. Meh, maybe a glitch. Tried it again. Yep. Time to back out.


                          Why is it so darn hard for people to do?


                          That said ... feeling a lobby isn't just right, be it plain ol' lag or legitimately seeing something that looks like cheating is a good reason to be too harsh on people that back out of lobbies. Backing out I don't have a problem with ... dashboarding is a different ball game. End of my digression.


                          Back on course ... when they do their investigation, they will know if a player got into the lobby by accident.

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                        All of my posts are on this thread, so they would see my second post which is my explanation.

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                          To clarify and eliminate all of the confusion, I did not hack, mod, cheat, or tamper in any way. I received an invite from a random person. I accepted the invite to see what they wanted. After I joined he started the game. Once we were in the game it suddenly ended. I ended up back in the multiplayer lobby. My rank was reset and when I went to create a class I noticed that I had negative 45000 skill points. I was then re-invited by the same person. I joined to ask them what they had done, and they said that they de-ranked me and gave negative skill points so that i could not create a class. Infinity ward did not do this, it was a random player running hacked lobbies

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                              this doesn't sound like he was boosting to me... this is why i never accept game invites unless it is from friends.  i always delete them.  in these hacked lobbies, they can do whatever they want to set the game to their set peramaters.  that means, you get 1 kill and instead of prestiging, you are deranked.  this doesn't sound like a booster.


                              i think what you wrote in your last post, is what you should have wrote in your first post.  would have saved you the booster hate messages.  but if i were you, i'd stop accepting game invites from people who are not on your friend list.  if you do get one, look to see if that name was from your active played against list (found if you scroll right after selecting friends while in a lobby)... if you have played against them recently, and they were boosting, then it's safe to say they just want you to join them as they liked your skill set and want you to play with them or their clan.

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                              I moved your thread to the Technical Support section for further assistance from our Activision Assist staff.


                              In the event that you are not contacted within a few hours, or would like to seek immediate assistance, then please consider the following options:

                              Be sure to include your platform and gamertag when contacting them.


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