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    Riot shields, c4, and noob tubes.....wtf

      Is it just me, or is it the most annoying thing to come across a riot shielder with c4 and 4 noob tubes?

      That seems to be the number one class setup in my favorite mode SnD, and it's making me hate this game. I dont even know why Infinity Ward and all the other call of dutys keep adding weapons like that, they require no skill and everyone complains about it. I would like to see them either removed from the game, or if you equip a riot shield then you are not able to equip c4 or noob tubes, or make a new playlist that is titled mlg rules or gfinity rules; and put all the games types in there and leave it for the serious players. Please people if you are just as annoyed as I am please repost or add to this discussion so we may be able to make some kind of change. Thank you for your time!

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          There are so many crutches in this game that a lot of this game isn't even "skill" so learn to adapt. All you need is Semtex and the semtex launcher and you get eight Semtex to do some real damage with all you gotta do is stick them and if you miss it only takes two semtex to kill someone using Blast Shield.

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            Throwing semtex grenades or switching to your secondary launcher isn't fast enough compared to shield users throwing danger close powered C4 in a blink of an eye.


            Oh by the way, the C4 user with danger close needs only ONE well thrown explosive to kill the blast shield user.


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              How does one get c4 and noob tubes, it's one or the other.

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                I don't think you are getting the reasoning behind my frustration. Why would I have to use a semtex launcher (which is a grenade launcher...aka a noobtube) to combat these people? Why stoop to their level? Why cant Infinity Ward step it up and fix a problem that is frustrating nearly 85% of the people I run into in the lobbies?

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                  they use a grenade launcher

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                    I haven't died to C4 yet while using Blast Shield even if they have Danger Close. Also the semtex launcher can be launched clearly out of the C4 range same as the Semtex being thrown. Here's a class that will make Riot Shield users very mad all you need is the semtex launcher and two lethal semtex the only perks you would need is Extra Tactical and Extra Lethal and Reflex and Danger Close you don't even need a primary weapon for this to be effective as for Tacticals all you need is two Trophy Systems or two Stuns or you can use two Nine Bangs. All you need to do is adapt it's real easy if you know they are using the tactic take your time and find flanks.

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                      Infinity Ward thinks in issues based on the numbers.  If they see that shield combo is centralized only in two game modes out of the many others, they won't consider it worthy enough for a patch.  Think about why quickscoping wasn't gimped.  Joe Cecot said that the "minority" are good at it, resulting in the sniper's balance being off-set as a result.


                      I really hope they patch the shield + C4 combo, but I hightly doubt they will...


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                        Primary:  Riot Shield

                        Secondary: Kastet Grenade Launcher

                        Equipment: C4


                        There ya go.  Now don't ruin people's day with this setup.


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                          You aren't stooping to anyone's level really? Seriously they aren't hacking or boosting so how would fighting fire with fire be stooping to their level? There is no level to stoop to they aren't cheating or exploiting anything. 85%? Where are you getting your numbers from? It's one thing to complain but it's another when you exaggerate. It isn't a problem it's a class that has many counters I already named one. "WAAHH why do I have to adapt to something that has so many counters why can't this game be easier for only me?!?1?!" Is all I am getting from your posts I offered you solutions and you instantly made up an excuse then you proceeded to ask why should you stoop to their level like they are cheating. So explain to everyone who disagrees with you how there is no way to counter or out smart them?

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