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    All progress lost on migrate to new device


      I just migrated to a new phone from a Nexus 4 to a Galaxy Note 3 and all my progress is gone.  I followed the prompts to get my save from the cloud, but instead everything was erased.


      I've spent $32.94 on gems and was around level 17, had almost 500k gold, and around 25 or so skylanders.  Now, my level is back to 1.


      Username: ohsi


      Is it possible to get my progress back?

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          further note:  All my gems are gone.  I had a little over 2k in gems and 30 wish stones stocked up.  This doesn't count what I'd used in the game.


          Is this going to be addressed at any point in time?  Who can I contact?  The Contact Us page doesn't have an option for lost islands, only the other Android Skylanders game on the market.

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              Hey Mirau,


              So when you logged into your account on the new phone you received the prompt showing the local level 1 save and then your cloud save that was level 17?  You then selected the level 17 save?


              Even though you selected the level 17 save it loaded as level 1?  If you load the level 1 game do you have the Kudos button present in the top right corner of your screen?  If you don't, when going into your options (Banner Icon, then Gear Icon) do you see an Age Verification button?