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    Clan start up[Competitive][xboxOne]

      I am starting a clan with a friend and we are looking for Active members who are willing to put in time and effort and still can have fun. We want a clan that trys hard but we don't want a clan of try hards. If you are interested msg me(ThawingCub5) and I and the other leader will evaluate and score you in the areas listed bellow. If you don't pass one or two don't worry we still might accept you. Once you pass the test you will have a test session of one week were you wont be in the clan but you must act as if you were in the clan.


      Mic(Yes=Pass, No=Fail)

           If you pass then you will also be graded on (teamwork through mic, friendliness, swearing(We dont care      if you swear but if every other sentence is "OMG YOU C**K SUCKING MOTHERF****R THAT WAS A        BULLSH**T KILL GO F*****NG DIE YOU F***T" then you wont be accepted)


      K/D and W/L ratio (Over 1 pass,under 1 Fail)


      Playstyle(Judges opinion)


      Participation/teamwork(Do you work well as a team)


      When you try out you will do two different game modes(One of your choice and one of the judges choice) Your game mod will in a public match and my game mode will be a privet match. After the tryout session I will respond to you with the results, if you pass you will begin your trial session. If you don't pass you may

      tryout again in one weeks time, you will how ever be tried by the same judge.