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    OK STOP who actually likes small maps.

      I'm seeing a trend here, they keep making and remaking small maps, who actually likes them? I don't understand how nuke town was a fan favorite enough to remake it, and scrapyard? SCRAPYARD? REALLY?


      Noone ever liked playing scrapyard in Modern Warfare 2, they skipped it, a lot, maps in MW2 were favorites like high rise and terminal, hell I'd love derail again, I get the feeling it's not the community that's picking the maps or creating problems of the game being tiny mapped.


      Its Activision and Treyarch, they are forcing small maps because they find them "fun", at this point I am merely observing the changes to ghosts I fear its a little late for me to find a love again for COD after all the bullshit, but I will continue watching and hoping you guys clue in and realize that you should of just copied Mw2 it self.


      /end rant


      OH p.s wtf is wrong with you and these new designed maps with so many entrances? what was wrong with mw2 maps? or COD4....


      Hey actually why don't you just port ALL OF THE MAPS to the new games, and don't pretend its hard to do so, you don't have to do the bullsht updating to a map (terminal 2.0 -mw3- ruined the map, its id tech 4 ffs.


      I'm ranting as a COD vet, I just don't understand your design direction, I want to be able to play COD it appealed to me, but this what you've released is not fun.

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