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    I get the feeling that no one comes with a plan for extinctions

      I already have a small one for each class


      Weapon specialist: Alien hunting, throw ammo

      Tank: Guard the drill, throw armor

      Engineer:  Transport the drill, use traps

      Medic: Revives, healing


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          Re: I get the feeling that no one comes with a plan for extinctions

          I got one. Don't use tank. It's unnecessary. It has nothing beneficial unless you're playing with someone who is terrible at the game...which is probably a reason not to play with them. Just throw down armor, then everyone can benefit. You basically just listed the attributes of each class. I hope you realize that.


          A much better plan goes along the lines of: (w/ 1 engineer, 2 medics or 2 weapons specs)

          1 armor

          1 feral (or random, I just say feral cause you have the bases covered without random and helps with leper/running/healing)

          *however, random can help you pick up extra flares which are often challenge savers

          1 explosive ammo (this person can do feral/random, whatever is not covered by above)

          1 boosters


          Just first upgrades listed above. One of the first at the very least. I feel like the first 4 hives are gimmes on points. So I use them to get those nice cheap upgrades out of the way that can provide a boost and save you money later on.


          Everybody does their turrets/(vultures if you prefer), a few points on class/pistol. Also, you can have somebody (like the armor guy, since armor doesn't need to be upgraded at first) run a death machine (possibly with 1 person running incendiary ammo) to tear through the barrier hives quicker. I don't find that necessary, because the M27 takes care of them pretty quick. But some people like it.

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              Re: I get the feeling that no one comes with a plan for extinctions

              I personally prefer playing as weapon specialist but will play different classes to suit the lobby except for Tank.  I think that the Tank class is pointless.


              I prefer when everyone uses mic’s and sentries.  It is pointless for two players to carry the same support item; it’s actually a sign of poor teamwork.


              I believe that it is good to have at least one Medic and one Engineer in the lobby but not absolutely necessary.  What is necessary is that we decide individual responsibilities before beginning the game.  Each player should be responsible to provide the team with their assigned support items:

              • - Ammunition [Explosives]
              • - Armor
              • - Team Booster
              • - Feral Instincts
              • - Random

              Ammunition needs to be fully upgraded in the first area and the rest of the support items needs to be fully upgraded by the time we reach the last area.


              When a player needs support items assigned to a different player; this player should not waste his/her money dropping a support item that has not been upgraded but rather needs to drop money and ask to receive the needed support item from the player which has the item upgraded.


              Sentries must be fully upgraded for the third area; at very least for the final hive.

              Everyone should put at least one point on the handgun.


              At least 3 players should have the sentry unlocked.  When playing with a 4th that has not unlocked the sentry, this player should use I.M.S.


              Challenges: it should go without saying that everyone must collaborate to complete each and every challenge.


              The death Machine is very good but I prefer running the Riot Shield.

              I do not look at what level the player has reached other than if they can use the Sentry Gun.  Leveling up and Prestiging only means that they played a lot of games; they may have bad stats only because they never knew the importance of getting into the “right” lobby.


              Extinction is all about teamwork and this is the absolute biggest challenge of extinction.

              Where were all the decent PS3 players last night?  I could not find a single decent lobby.

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                  Re: I get the feeling that no one comes with a plan for extinctions

                  That's basically it right there! Before starting the game, the team should know right away what their supporting responsibility will be and have that available at +4 asap, everything else you contribute after that is a gain, as soon as you have the team supplying +4 everything, you really shouldn't have anyone being taken down, even without the sentrys, riot shields, etc.

                  I was on last night, didn't find anyone either, :/ .. so i just turned the console off and waited for today so i can play in the new maps

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                    Re: I get the feeling that no one comes with a plan for extinctions

                    Yep agree with Yamil - Fenchy has it spot on. Its the 6 P's approach. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. If everyone is set up and knows their role it will totally change the dynamics of a game and you can feel the difference after the first couple of hives compared to a game that you know will be a struggle. Everything is just so easy and flows well.


                    You know that you are with a good team when you keep maxing out your cash because you cant spend it fast enough due to the fact that everyone is so good at carrying out their role.


                    The good ones were on the PS4 last night. Lol

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                        Re: I get the feeling that no one comes with a plan for extinctions

                        You are right there; I played with some good players with whom I did not fit right, we finish but it did not go so smooth and I played with some players when it seems that we are all working together as one and it flows so well that the game is almost too easy.


                        I love it when we're watching out for each other.  Go help when another player is being swamped by aliens or if you see the player is yellow and you know he needs help.  I have a few friends that I play with that make it seem so easy that I feel the need to go in a random lobby just to appreciate how hard the game can be.

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                    Re: I get the feeling that no one comes with a plan for extinctions

                    Azrael513 wrote:


                    Tank: Guard the drill, throw armor

                    i don't agree with this point as engeneer repairs the drill quicker .

                    so the engeneer has the priority  to plant the drill , repair it and activate traps  (and obviously kill cryptids with his weapons)

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