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    Lag in Ghosts..Time to enforce minimum connectivity?

      Like at the theme park where you must be THIS tall to ride the ride, I think

      it's about time to address some of the horrible connections in this game.

      There needs to be some sort of minimum standard where it doesn't hurt

      the gaming experience. I do get somewhat tired of watching people rocking

      that PR clan tag skipping across levels. And while we are on the subject..

      please..for the love of whatever God you worship Activision..take split

      screening out. What good does that option do? In Black Ops 2 it

      was used primarily by a lot of booster and in this game I've seen more

      2nd players than ever just sitting in spawn. Ghosts has potential, there

      are some issues to be sure, but I like the majority of the maps (except for

      Chasm this COD's Downturn) and the gun selection is varied enough to

      have a little fun with. The lag (and maybe the spawns) is the biggest

      issue I have, the hackers not so much (if they give themselves all the guns

      and perks and can't hit a barn whatever..they should all be banned anyhow)

      but the lag....it just seems like no english, no connection.