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    Honestly - Should I Get This For PS4?

      I had Ghosts for ps3 when it came out and let's just say my experience wasn't the best -


      I had terrible lag (I have Virgin Media 60mb Internet, so not as if my internet's bad), Spawn killed - spawning in front of and behind people, bullets not registering, getting constant hitmarkers - although I was dying before I could even react. Every lobby I joined was full of MSBS users with tracker sights. Maps were/are atrocious, massive and unplayable for most times. Constant campers, for example, a game of kill confirmed taking the full time and not even getting to 50. Every team I was in was a team of split screeners who were either both terrible, or one was terrible and the other just stayed in spawn.


      So again not the best of experiences. I was just wondering whether I should get this for the PS4 now? Has it got better? Especially on the next gen?


      Cheers for any replies.