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    Where did Patch Support Go?!

      The Onslaught DLC Map pack does not interest me one bit. The Michael Myers Killstreak is pretty cool, but to me, Fog seems like a zombies map, and MM would fit there too. Plus, all the maps look pretty darn campy. Dont even get me started on the Bayview Trolley. The scrapyard remake looks pretty darn impressive, and the Maverick Assault Rifle looks good too. Wow.. im getting off topic


      Anyway, im interested in the Patches however. After looking at the changelog of the recent patch given to the other consoles for today, i was REALLY interested then. IED damage reduction? Dead Silence completely making you silent? Spawn Fixes?! Count me in. But im not sure why the Wii U didnt get the last one, or even a announcement for this one. Did they kill support for the U? If so, thats really early.