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    Terrible Connection Since Downloading Map Pack

      Got on about an hour ago to finally play the new maps ect. Every game i joined was extremely frustrating because my character would bounce around the map and lag horribly. Other players in the lobby were having the same experience. I tried playing a regular game of dom (old maps) and the same thing is happening. Reset my xbox and internet router. Im hardwired. Computer is running fine on wifi. Whats the deal?

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          I didn't jump around the map, but I was definitely in lobbies where people had much better ping. They were ahead of me. I was able to keep up fairly well, but I just couldn't put up my normal numbers. I'm hoping that as the day/week goes on, more people will get it downloaded and I can get on servers closer to home.

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            My download speed:55.4mbps

            And upload speed: 6.1mbps

            Not lagging at all.

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              I Have Verzion Fios fiber optic 150 mbs down and 75 up ping 20 ms or below.I have had a problem since this update and map packs came out.I am running a second or two behind people.I will be shot behind a wall.In the kill cam it shows me not behind the wall or cover.I have found also it takes an entire clip from an assault rifle to kill someone and that's less then 75% percent of the time.


              I'm not or noob or nor do I suck at the game.My KD is 1.48 and win loss 1.49.Thats my stats from playing solo most of the time.Yet the new problems I'm experiencing from the update and dlc map pack and my other problem that Infinty Ward has yet to fix.I can not play the game.


              I Also wonder has any one else have the problem I'm having with the spawns.I will start a match and be like 7 and 0 or 8 and 0 then after 2 deaths and it always 2 or 3 deaths that I will be spawned right in front of an enemy the rest of the match.i mean the whole entire match.i usually have to unplug my Xbox One power cord to quit the game so my stats will not be destroyed by the spawn bug.I mention this because once this starts it will last for an hour or more.

              The next 5 or six matches will be like this,but Now after it starts I just unplug my Xbox One,restart the Xbox and go play Battlefield 4.



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                I downloaded the new pack and played for about an hour then it just locked up.  I finally had to reboot and when I launched the game the first two screens came up then it went black.  I tried several times then I rebooted and loaded Forza 5 it worked fine.  So I went back to COD and it still just locked with a black screen.


                I then took the DVD out and cleaned it and tried again - no luck still the black screen.  It is like the game corrupted in my Xbox One.


                Any suggestions???

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                  Ever since the update, i've been losing more gunfights than usual. I'll be shooting someone before they start shooting and they kill me in 1 bullet.

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                    You summed it all up what I am experiencing today! please fix this piece of crap DLC!!!!!!!!!!

                    Man oh man the connection is bad today! I am going to test it on the X360 tomorrow see if you managed to f that version up too


                    If you can't fix it please refund my money for my season pass and release an update that allows me to play the game how it was before this horrible 'Update'



                    1: Fix connections because it is unplayable

                    2: Fix the countdown timer before each match that used to count down from 40 and you had time to choose you class in stead of being just in time to see your teammates running of!

                    3: Fix the spawns!

                    4: Kick M$ for not supporting Dolby 5.1 via optical and not suppling adapters so people can actually use their $$$headsets!

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                      Hey MindGamez21,


                      Can you please let us know what your Speedtest results are? Have you tried reinstalling the DLC? Do you experience the same issues on the regular maps?