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    Looking for good clan (PS3)

      PSN: EveOfTheEnd33

      K/D: 1.66

      Killstreak: 21

      W/L: 1.26

      Winstreak: 90

      Time Played: 7d 18h

      Prestige: 5 lvl 52

      I am very active online almost every day, I do have a mic but seldom do I use it due to the fact I like my T.V. loud. I have Command experience in a Platinum division clan with 50+ people in it so if needed I can be an Lt. Commander. I mainly play TDM. Let me know if I can join you =).

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          Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

          Discharged Gaming is currently recruiting. We have members playign on both the ps3 and ps4. We welcome members of all skill level from casual to competitive and have a fully functioning website where members are able to engage each other in everything from map callouts & game plans to what sports they like and whatever else. We have both US and International companies. There are plenty of chances for advancement in the clan depending on how active a member is wanting to be.


          DG is run by an all adult leadership Chain of Command (CoC) with a military type structure. Our leaders are vets of COD and have been gaming together for years. We are only looking for people that are serious about gaming as a team and wanting to grow tight friendships and bonds with their teammates. We are not looking for ppl that want to join because we are about to have the red clan tag and that want our clan level and clan wars camos! If that is what you are looking for this is not the place for u!


          If all the above does interest you then please visit our website at www.dischargedgaming.com and fill out the application. It is quick and easy and the app is used to help our admins place new members into companies. All applicants must have a working mic and be at least 16yrs of age when joining. I look forward to seeing some new faces.

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              Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

              JameZtownGaming is recruiting for clan members and clan leaders. We are in active clan with a youtube channel and a website. We work together as a team on the battlefield and off by interacting on the website and promote other clan members websites, channels, etc. We also do a Monthly Cash Giveaway to reward the clan members that help the clan achieve its goals and grow.


              Your stats are impressive, you obviously know what you are doing. Hopefully you will check us out and become a part of our team. If you would like more information about us here a few links to check us out.


              Channel: http://youtube.com/JameZtownGaming


              Website: http://www.JameZtown.com


              My PSN gamertag: JameZtownGaming


              Sometimes the call of duty app will not let me view the application so you can also contact me on PSN, or through my website.


              Look forward to hearing from you,



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              Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

              You should definitely hit me up later. MYO_Trav. I run Meet Your Owners, we are a well-established competitive clan with around 80 members. Overall clan kdr of 1.66 and w/l 66%. You can check us out on the app at MYO Gaming.


              A big challenge as you well know to large clans is keeping people connected in a way that promotes close-ties. We have done that well at MYO with the use of our website, our screening process, our clan parties and events, and our use of Groupme chat. The guys are loving it here, see for yourself by checking out the site myoclan.com.


              I'l be on tonight for sure. We're running some MLG tryouts for our PS3 guys but we can always fit in a few pubs to hang with a new guy. See you soon.



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                Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

                Apply via the APP to uniteddutynation

                20 good players that are mature and friendly

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                  Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

                  I'll keep it short and sweet...

                  my my clan is new and we need active players like your self to help us grow?

                  we might be merging with a clan from USA so we have a better advantage in clan wars they play when we sleep and we play when they sleep.. Maximise our chance of winning more...

                  if you wanna be part of our climb up the ranks come join us.. We area clan in the uk...

                  add me on psn wastegash09

                  or add the clan...




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                    Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

                    I'll send you an invite to Sorry 4 The Loss. Recently kicked a bunch of inactive people so I'm recruiting to get ready for clan wars.

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                      Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

                      if you haven't already picked a clan out from the list feel free to have a look at us over at Ghost Army, we are looking for players to play both for fun and in clan wars, link to our thread is here in case you interested.


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                        Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)
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                          Re: Looking for good clan (PS3)

                          FLAWL3SSK1LLAz are recruiting a few extra players ahead of tomorrows 8PM Clan Wars, the criteria is as follows:
                          Must be on ps3
                          K/D must be over 1.00
                          Must have headset


                          We currently have 58 members and our clan is level 16 at the moment.
                          Please add "dazndlucas" on psn for further details and to take part in a trial, I hope to hear from you all soon.

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