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    You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

      Another patch...another brain dead move to aid skilless players. thanks infinity ward


      I run both dead silence and amplify. In fact a lot of people on youtube used to run this combination. Now, if they are camping why would they use dead silence at all? Campers just hide and crouch prone in a little corner. They weren't camping, they were rushing and using footsteps for strategy. Without footsteps for dead silence users you have now made this game random as hell. People are just shooting you in the back around corners or you see each other point blank and it become a connection fest for all gunfights. I am noticing more than ever that I shoot first and die because of faulty connection (btw I have 50 down/25 up). These maps with all their nooks and cranies and corners are only being exposed more with this change. There is no strategy at all in Cod Ghosts now.


      First of all, footsteps aid rushers more than they aid campers because it allows you to hear an enemy when coming in on them and then take a certain flank or position. By ruining amplify you have removed all skill and strategy so you can help low skilled players get their free kills from connection when players turn the corner. Now I feel like a chicken with my cut head off and losing gunfights to turning the corner with someone who has better internet. With amplify I could jump and know when to strafe around corners. For example, with old amplify I could shoot from top garage flooded and hear people coming up behind me after the gunfight I had across the map. I could adjust and strafe shoot the car next to me and have a fair gunfight. Another example is that I could run around and hear a guy running above me. Instead of us running for another 20 seconds randomly only to meet each other on a stairway and best connection wins, we instead could both position ourselves and try to take the shortest route to each other or flank with strategy. YOU HAVE RUINED FOOTSTEPS AND IN DOING SO RUINED CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS.

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          1. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

          Hearing a thundering herd of elephants is really skillful. Seems like Amplify was your crutch.

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            2. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

            Thundering herd of elephants? So in other words you didn't ever use the perk because dead silence users sounded like teammates if anything before the patch. Amplify allowed people to think and Ghosts played out like a chess match. You are saying you would rather it be like blindfolded checkers.


            It's Black Ops 2 all over again.BlackOps2 Lag Compensation and Review - YouTube 9:02 & 11:05 explain footsteps

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              3. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

              Did they remove your ability to look around then?

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                4. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

                They apparently removed your ability to think and be aware, since the Perk was apparently doing it all for you.


                And if YouTubers used it... oh my, whatever shall we do?

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                  5. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

                  Ok I am going to guess that you mean they made it so the footsteps were quieter? And you think that somehow people being able to hear footsteps and turn around mean that they were skilled?


                  If so, then THANK GOD. I always hated the fact that footsteps were so loud for mic users especially for people with the expensive mics. I hardly ever wear a mic and found it very unfair that someone could almost pay to be a better player by buying an expensive mic. The people who need to hear footsteps are actually less skilled than the ones who just use their eyes and intuition.

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                    6. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

                    It is crazy, isn't it?


                    Was working on an Amplify Patch in Operations so equipped it on a few classes (as a tactical mover I put DS on every class). Amplify acts like a wall hack, it is quite ridiculous. I feel like a tool using it, to be honest.


                    It has no place in this game, in my opinion. We have Footsteps already. They are quite clear as it is, but not to the point of being ridiculous. An aware player can use them effectively as one of many cues. And for those concerned about those listening for footsteps.. well DS is an option.

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                      7. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

                      Apparently you got out smarted a lot when it was a viable perk, since all players could use the perk and others were using it better than you.

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                        8. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

                        I played the alpha of titanfall and there were loud footsteps. Zampella knew how to do **** right. Safe to say I'm selling ghosts if they don't fix this by Titanfall's release. I'm really glad I didn't get the season pass seeing how this game is going down the shitter.

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                          9. Re: You ruined footsteps...ruined CoD Ghosts

                          I wholeheartedly agree with this. It's one thing ti MAYBE be able to hear someone running up on you, but before my Turtle Beaches got de-corded by our new puppy (sadness!) I'd run Amplify ever now and then, and it was ridiculous.


                          Would these folks complain if there was a perk that gave you a constant 75-foot 3rd level SatCom? Yes, that'd be OP. Amplify was worse, as there was NO counter to it, save crouch-walking everywhere. Now, I can appreciate a good "tactical" match between amplify users, but we all know how much fun it is to run with a random lobby right into an entire team that sits in one portion of the map and ADS camps every sight line available, only to twitch when they hear some a hundred feet off step on a wet peace of bread.

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