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    hackers and cheaters

      anyone out there interested in starting and compiling a list of suspected hackers and cheaters?? I'm thinking maybe something will get done if there is more accurate participation by us legit players!! reporting doesn't seem to be doing much, the powers that be have, I'm sure a lot of reported players to investigate. if us legit players run into the same players at different times and different lobbies, maybe they will have no choice but to take action!!! last of all who thinks there should be stiffer penalties?? i.e. instead of suspending your account( as we all know most hackers have several) they suspend your I.P.adress from online play!! this should definetly help

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          1. Reporting is all us players can do.

          2. If you do make a list, where are you going to post it? It won't be allowed on these forums because of the strict no-name-shaming policy.
          3. The modders/cheaters can create new accounts very quickly so that banning names ends up being redundant.

          4. Suspending IP addresses doesn't work because I can unplug my modem for a period of time and when plugging it back in, get a new IP address. Then the old IP address, while blocked, can get to an innocent player who will end up blocked from playing.

          5. Wait to see what the new patch does tomorrow and see if it fixes anything. Who knows, perhaps they solved the problem.

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              doesn't the console retain a static I.P. address there has to be some way of of linking console to player I.D.?? as far as a list if we have enough people willing to participate a separate site will be given to create the list and then submitted to the proper channels

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                  The console does not retain a static IP address nor would you ever want one unless you were hosting a server. I am also sure that there is a way of linking console to player ID but I believe that Sony keeps that confidential, otherwise, more companies would be able to send bans out easier. I am sure Activision would love this feature.


                  As for the list, I have seen numerous people doing this in the past, including some now on Youtube, you have been trying this and no one sticks it out. The biggest problem is people rather play the game than play policeman and do all the work to go out, name them, show proof and what not.


                  Plus you'll have plenty of people who are innocently named by some misunderstood player who thinks a KEM stike within the first 10 kills of a game is impossible and that the person who called the CP in is a cheater.

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                  The only way you can get a "new IP" is by contacting your ISP.


                  Unplugging and plugging back in doesn't give you a new IP

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                    Ps3 MAC address can't be hacked... However there is some ways to change it.

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                    I would think it's bad for business?   Much like bitting the hand that feeds you.   "Real" hackers write the code, and THEY should be punished?  A better approach might be to do what the dea does to thwart drug trafficking?    The don't go after the dealers, rather,  they go after the suppliers!?  I can only imagine that these "hackers" are mearly youths having "fun," with easily accessible code on you tube and such!?  The problem should rest on the shoulders of the development teams!?

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                        Lmao. He said"aim bot".  There is no such mod as aim bot. it was dead in the original black ops.. A lot of the stuff u see on youtube is PC related or tester copies of the game... There is very little to no modding on this game... Out of the 2 million online maybe 2percent have a jail broken ps3...  Seems all the garbage players cry hacker because they are constantly getting owned... I have played just over 3000 matches and seen 1 person questionable and we still beat them.. If you don't wanna get owned practice.. Stop crying hacker because of your lack of skill

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                            What are you on about.


                            Cheating and boosting are so rife it is ridiculous.


                            I joined a game 3 days ago and through no fault of my own, got boosted to top rank, got given 2 million points and was kicked out within 2 minutes. Why someone did this, I have no idea but they did.


                            I just played a game of HC TDM and within 2.5 minutes, someone had 57 kills, no deaths. Of course, I reported him but as mentioned by others, he will merely change his ID to get round the problem.


                            It seems some on these forums, no idea why, but they hate anything said negatively about the game. If you say something negative, it is because you are rubbish at the game. It seems that has to be the reason.


                            Just saying deal with it, doesn't deal with the issues. And yes, I could play another game, but what is wrong with wanting the game I paid for to be a game with no cheating?

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                              Wrong.  Don't be stupid!! 

                              Aim-bot=      Red square boxes around every enemy player.

                              Killstreak hack=   Assualt killstreaks pile up like support

                              All perk hack=  Player has all the perks

                              God mode=   Cant be killed

                              Invisibility=  Cant see them


                              I have 12 days played and have seen every one of these hacks and they all come from a modded PS3.

                              Also had a guy in our clan who had all this same stuff.  He was kicked as soon as commander found out!!  I won't tell u who reported him

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                                Look at the scoreboards, enough said.

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                                KKurt is another winner I see... And no there is no aim bot on ghosts.. My brother has had a modded ps3 since mw2.  Only god mod in ghosts is one where u cannot be killed but also u cannot kill anyone.   The all perk hack has been out since day 1. It was written weeks before the game..  And there is no invisibility coding at all..   if Kurt is in a clan and accusing people of hacking I can only imagine how great that clan is lol

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                                    Mrbird, There are cheats for ghost on just about anything you want for the PS3, the PS4 on the other hand I am not sure about. Has for invisibility, I have it on my one account for MW3, I haven't run across it on ghost yet but give it time.

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                                      Have u noticed that nobody has agreed with you in this thread.


                                      I have seen these hacks firsthand and also had a member in clan(who got kicked) who also had some of these hacks on his modded PS3.


                                      lol can't believe u are bashing my clan.  Give me ur clan name and id and we can set up a scrimmage.  I promise it will not go well for you and whoever u play with.

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                                      Just want to be clear about 1 thing.

                                      There r hacks and cheats but by no means r they overtaking the game like it did in MW2.  When ever we come across someone with a hacked clan tag we back out immediately.  This seems to help considering I haven't seen anything in the last couple weeks.  Some members of clan ran into a whole team with the killstreak hack in dom and they had a helo out the entire game but only lost by 30 pts!!

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                                        You lot do realise if you were more active on the PlayStation Forums you would know that you could submit a grief report with photographs or video evidence to a Forum Moderator or Team Leader of the said offender and they could receive a 3, 7 day or permanent console ban once said evidence was looked at. It takes less than a minute to turn a console into a brick.

                                        Cheating is breaking SonyPlayStation's EULA we all agree to.


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                                          I decided to research rather than rant on the never ending hack/boost/cheat thing.

                                          One thing is clear

                                          The prestige hack - COD GHOSTS/ACTIVISION cannot even tell if you own a copy of Ghosts!

                                          The button 2 remove a player from clan is padlocked if you have a member who is PH

                                          (as he doesnt own a "copy of the game" activision have no grounds to act - or reason 2 even look at them!)

                                          whether the rumour about disgruntled employee being the source for the program is academic

                                          the fact is nothing seems to be getting done about that-the DOS attacks which when you ask people SEEMS RELATED TO THE REBOOT/8500000 ERROR CODE ISSUE (Game will not start please clean the disc then go thru an exhaustive online remedy only to be told to re con the ps3!!) people dont care about "stuff" they just want a fair game they can access.


                                          everyone wants freedom but youtube vids are the peoples news these days & uploading stuff has never been easier.why is it legal 2 upload game play- yet you cannot upload wand erections  greatest hits? (anno thats a joke within a joke as they dont even have 1 hit ffs).

                                          I was in a lobby (public) last night WHERE A USER MOANED-MOANED! THAT GHOSTS HAD RIPPED HIM OFF BECAUSE HIS PRESTIGE HACKED PATCHES HAD VANISHED!!!