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    Maverick is incredibly unfair

      Now, I understand saying a weapon is unfair or overpowered is common, but this? Rewarding players who buy DLC with a two shot kill, fully automatic, and with almost NO RECOIL. Sure, I plan on buying Onslaught, I admit it, but that doesn't mean I want a weapon that kills anything in front of me.

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          It's 3 shots like every other gun, recoil is a mix of the AK and the R5 and a similar fire-rate, and the range seems less than both. It is no better than the AK, R5 and HB.

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            It's a 3-shot kill AR and it's underwhelming in CQC.

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              The maverick is not as overpowered as you think. The Remington can still out gun it. It also does average at long range, and there is moderate recoil. It may be a connection issue as this also causes 1-2 hit kills.

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                no recoil? im guessing u didnt pick up the gun and tried it out..this gun does have recoil..i played like crap the 1st few games with that gun because of its recoil

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                  Just played with the Maverick and it seems pretty fair to me.


                  Infinity Ward seem to have done an outstanding job with balancing this gun.


                  I'll continue to test it more.

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                    From what I gathered using it in HC its nothing special at all. I initially put a silencer on it, but took it off pretty damn quickly as the damage drop-off seemed absolutely horrendous for a slow RoF gun. I put it down pretty quickly tbh, and went back to my current K7 love-in

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                      I have been playing with the Maverick, just because it is something new, and while I like the gun, I do not think it is OP by any measure. CQC it plays like a slower Remington. It does say that, as a sniper, it is a OHK above the waist, and there will always be people who complain that "above the waist" is too much of a spread for a OHK. Personally, I prefer not to complain about any of the guns because they can all be countered. Eventually, if IW responds to all the complaints about one gun being more OP'd than another, versus forcing us as players to counter what we consider OP, there will be no need for different classes of guns, as they will all be equal. Maybe then we will start complaining one camo color gives too much of an advantage in certain situations.


                      When did the COD community start whining so much? If you think it is OP, use it. If you choose not to use it, then please do not complain when others do. There should be imbalances with weapons for heavens sake.

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                        Just for the doubters: the Maverick AR is a 2 hit kill in close quarters.  However, by close we mean very close.  I tested this in private match and the other person had to be standing about the length of a car away for it to be a 2 hit kill -- anything more and it was a three hit kill.  So, the Maverick is actually better than a lot of weapons at point blank range, but still pretty garbage in CQC overall thanks to its slow fire rate and hipfire spread.


                        I don't think it's an OP gun at all.  I tried playing with it in various setups for a couple of hours and did pretty mediocre before finally going back to my preferred weapon.  I will, however, give the Sniper Rifle variant some more time and see what I think of that.

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                          after having played with the maverick for a good part of the day in team death match games i finally went back to my ak-12. yeah it was ok but i think some of the other assault rifles are better. it's something i'll mess around with once in awhile but i'll stick to the ak-12 and honey badger for most of my matches.

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                            The maverick is not OP it seems like an Hybrid between the Ak12/Remington it seems to be a balanced Gun, the 3rd Best assault, of course it has his problems.

                            -Mid-Long range the gun kicks a Lot even with the grip still kicks so much for the long range.

                            -the iron sights are good

                            -Cancel Reload is faster tha the R5 or equal

                            -the bodycount camo in this gun look to awful.

                            -it has a weird glitch where tha assault shoots like it was the Sniper counterpart (this only happend once, so i dont know how this was triggered)

                            Overall is a good gun Not Op in my opinion. So if you havent buy the onslaught map pack you can still pick the weapon from a team mate or enemy who has the gun and give it a try.

                            I like this gun if IW dont make the Shotgun/LMG hybrid  i will stick with the Maverick assault riffle/Sniper riffle.

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                              It is not OP at all. nothing in this game ever was OP just people like to complain and cry about anything they don't like and the easiest complaint is to say it is OP or unfair and needs to be nerfed. When really it is just them refusing to adapt or change how they play according to the map, game type, and the team they are with and going against. Instead they want the devs to change the game to suit them to make them feel better and not have change or learn new ways to play the game. They want to use the same skill set from past titles and never change,


                              In hc it is decent but by no means a game breaker. in core it is actually weaker than some of the other weapons in the game allready.


                              It is like the pk, in core the pk was not that great in hc it was viable but still no where near OP either.

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                                i used it last night to try it out... did very well with it in core but not so well in HC... this may also have to do with playing HC with the new maps which weren't that great.  most of them are smaller maps where i'd rather have a smg or shotgun... but i did well with it in core due to the larger maps. 

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                                  I knew this was coming, honestly stop playing Call of Duty. It's a new gun and that's why everyone is using it not because its OP. I like this gun because it fits my playing style, its great for medium range, so-so in long range and mixed results in cqc because of high damage at close but slow fire rate and hip spread balance that out. If anything is nerfed about this gun without boosting another aspect of its game than it will be rendered usless. Just because you suck doesn't mean guns are OP.

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                                    Used it for a bit last night. It has near identical states as the ARX-160, but the Mav has slower fire rate. I wouldn't say it was OP at all compared to other AR's. I'll keep using mostly because I enjoy the look of it, but I enjoy my Honey Badger and Remington more.

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                                      It is the lowest rate of fire assault rifle to date. Most others are 3 shot kill also. The Recoil is relatively high, but it is more vertical recoil than horizontal. It's not overpowered, it's just good. Not even the best IMO.

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                                        goes best with burst fire and fore-grip, making a one burst almost every time.

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                                          I just picked it up for the first time on Tremor, immediately got a triple kill with it because the other team was swarming around me, 4th guy got me. Picked it up again and went and hid with it, but it had a muzzle break on it (trolololol) so I couldn't really test it out like I wanted to. Have to say right away, best iron sights ever, wow. Recoil was manageable it reminded me of the R5's vertical recoil. Didn't really get to test anything else out, I need to pick it up on a bigger map. But it doesn't seem to be unfair at all.

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                                            Your attempt to look as if you're NOT whining about someone else having something you don't... Has been foiled by me. This is a ridiculous thread.

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                                              Yeah...the thing kicks like mad.  Even with the foregrip.

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                                                This guy agrees with you-



                                                I don't.

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                                                  You just described every assault rifle in this game except four of them.

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                                                    I love the Maverik. I have been playing with this gun a lot messing around with a good class set up. I do not encounter that much in the way of recoil until I am trying to hit somebody a mid range and in that case I just burst fire it to remedy that situation. If anything I think the six shots to kill at a longer range needs to be dropped to five.