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    Something I was pondering to myself

      Do people who make a lot of money have an unfair advantage over those less fortunate in this game.


      Ex1. This person is completely spoiled by parents who work at Microsoft and gets whatever gaming hardware he wants


      Ex2. Works as a software designer and makes a large amount a month


      Me. No state ID or driver license. 1 person employed as a manager at Kroger. Other two are unable to hold a job or retired. Usually buy a few things on bday and Xmas.


      This is just speculation. Oh well, at least it's not as bad as Combat Arms (you can literally buy victory with an Emod and kicking the entire opposing team or just good players)

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          Re: Something I was pondering to myself

          You're reading way too much into a video game. Time to get a new hobby if that's your concern.

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            Re: Something I was pondering to myself

            I'm not following you at all. What does money have to do with being successful at gaming?

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                Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                It is only speculation, not a fact. I only thought that since gaming hardware like liquid cooled computer towers (performance), plasma screen TVs (vision), surround sound, gamings headsets (both audio), gaming mice and controllers (reaction), and other crap can cost a lot (at least to someone currently broke)

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                    Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                    That's what minimum specs are for. If you PC doesn't meet the minimum requirements, or even the recommended specs, then you shouldn't play the game. As far as TVs go I can still kick someone's ass on a crappier TV. Gaming headsets are advantageous but not game changing. If there are advantages they're small.

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                        Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                        Totally agree with ghamorra about the TV. I play Ghosts on a crappy, very old 14-inch TV where the top of inch of the screen is fuzzed out. My KD, while kinda average and certainly not an 100% way to confirm skill, is going up.


                        As for the other stuff, it is nice to have, but ultimately provides only the most minute benefits. My friend had a "gaming" mouse... biggest piece of crap in the world. Glad he liked it, but I couldn't work with it.

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                          Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                          I'm not really a PC gamer due to

                          A. My good computer is getting fixed

                          B. I had a bad experience playing Combat Arms and Crossfire

                          C. I don't have many games

                          D. I don't have Steam

                          E. I don't have a credit card yet (so I can't burn $110 on the Valve complete pack and gmod.)


                          Besides, I'm still learning about them in my computer classes (still wasting time on some competition)

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                      Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                      What's next?

                      Gaming entitlements?

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                        Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                        I by no means am wealthy, but CoD is one of my biggest past times. I do tend to spend lots of money catered to gaming and home entertainment.


                        I always get the limitedcollectorsprestigecarepackage edition. Also never miss a dlc release. Even take launch and release days off at times. No lifer.


                        Have numerous turtle beach's and actually refuse to play the Xbox One until headphone and chat are up to date with the standard I'm used to with the 360.


                        I did a ton of research in the process of buying my new tv so it wasn't hindered by "input lag". Also spend decent money to my internet provider for good bandwidth , which has been proven and discussed to death on these forums that this doesn't give an advantage in game.


                        All said and done, this doesn't make a good player or give any advantage to someone with fast reflexes and good hand to eye co-ordination playing with a full team. We'll maybe a little advantage, but doesn't guarantee success.

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                          Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                          people who can afford the most expensive headphones DO have an advantage in ghosts..lol

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                            Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                            Maybe, maybe not.


                            It is the way things work, sadly. Those with more money can accumulate more stuff.


                            Say you were in a Softball league (and why wouldn't you be?). Let's say you are on the say team with an Executive at a major company, and you are a manager of Kroger (a customer of my company, by the way). Now the Executive may have all the nicest stuff: Shiny new aluminum Easton Bat, Top of the Line Rawlings glove, Under Armour Wristbands, Nike Cleats, Aerodynamic helmet, Moisture Wicking underwear, etc.


                            You, on the other hand... have your grandfather's hand-me-down wooden bat with a duct tape grip, a glove you found in the Kroger dumpster that you are pretty sure was once inhabited by a family of mice, and your own non-moisture-wicking tighty whities with the holes in the waistband.


                            But let's also say that of the two of you, you are the better athlete and more experienced softball player. The Executive might have all the cool stuff, but your team is going to have you batting in the Power Slot because you are simply the superior player.


                            Point is, the expensive stuff MIGHT give players an advantage from time to time... but the superior player will win out more often than not.

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                              Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                              Money doesn't fix bad.  I have a friend who is absolutely horrendous at COD and he has all the gear, including a TV that covers half his wall in his living room.  Guess you know where I'll be Sunday. 


                              Me, I have the gear, not going to lie, just not the most expensive stuff like him and I run laps around him.  He's cool though.  He has fun which is the most important thing.


                              COD is the one game I buy each year.  Don't get me wrong, my wife (gotta love a gaming girl) buys lots of games, but COD is my hobby.  So, like any slightly well-off middle-age man, I'm always buying something that I think will make my experience better.  Trust me, you don't know the pits of devotion until you've blown a month of weekends looking at TV's just so you have a personal COD TV.  LED, go figure, almost zero input lag, best gaming monitor I've had since the nineties.


                              But does that make me any better?  No, not really.  Practicing and thinking makes me better.  The goodies are just the means to find my own weird idea of the perfect set-up.


                              I'm assuming your a teenager, correct me if I'm wrong, so I think I know where you are coming from.  You see friends, or peers, of yours that seem to get everything that they want from their parents.  You know they will go to a "good" college and have every door opened to them and it doesn't seem fair.  So let me tell you that the advantages you see now won't last.  As an example.


                              I have another friend I have known since we were kids.  His dad was a head honcho type and he grew up in one of the richest neighborhoods in the country.  My dad was a preacher, so you can already tell there was a little bit of an economic difference in how we grew up.  But friends we were and are.  So, fast-forward to today.  I've been on my own forever and he moved back in with his parents 15 years ago.  Why?  Because all those "supposed" advantages were actually drawbacks.  His money had sheltered him from ever having to develop the necessary skills to survive in the world.  Now, our situations are reversed.  He is still borrowing money from his parents while I am working on my retirement.  I can now afford to do things that he now can't.  So, in essence, what I'm saying is don't envy the people who have more.  Concentrate on making yourself the best person you can be.  Always try to grow and improve and, in due time, rewards will come your way.


                              Stay Strong!

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                                Re: Something I was pondering to myself

                                That kid that has the best of the best headset etc etc may not have fun.

                                Itsn't about how you play but if you've fun


                                I've a headset know only because I want to play games without making noise when my kid is in the room.

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