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    It's all just one big cycle.

      This gun is OP. That gun has too much recoil. There's not enough HC game modes. I got beat and went negative so the other team is cheating. How about everyone just plays the game the way it is. If you're going to complain don't complain about a gun being to weak or OP. Complain about the bad spawns, the servers, or the maps. Anytime something gets nerfed or buffed it starts a whole new series of complaints about some other gun or cheater. I'm a HC player. It's all I play, but we atleast got the moshpit this time around. The game can't have a million gamemodes for each game type that everyone wants.

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          Re: It's all just one big cycle.

          Doesnt matter if they change something or not ,people will complain.


          What is funny when they patch something that is "overpowered" the same complainer will complain that now it doesnt work.


          If something in the game is changed or nerfed people dont understand you have to ADAPT to the changes. The changes artent going to adapt to you.

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            Re: It's all just one big cycle.

            You're right. Its a vicious cycle that will never end. Its just human nature and we all have opinions and emotions about the game and changes made to it. The hard part is listening to everyone else's process of adapting through venting and sharing.


            We need to remember it is a process that will never be solved or ever end. We need to stay cool and help other players process along. Like you said its a cycle that goes on and on and on and on.............


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