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    You can't argue that Dome and Strike Zone aren't basically the same map

      Dome Strike Zone comparison


      Do I even need to explain? I started too but deleted it as the similarities were just to obvious. Everything is almost to scale minus some very minor tweaks to the asthetics and skywalk. Hell, the maps are almost completely to scale. In Photoshop I made the layer for the numbers, duplicated the layers, and made scaled them down a few percentage points to compensate for the Strike Zone maps smaller resolution. They almost completely match up.


      The spacing of the stairs by #1 are completely identical. Top stairs are wider, bottom path is narrow but double tiered.


      #2 and #5, the concession stand squared with a back corridor leading into a storage room. The entrances also the same width across


      The space between #2 and #4 contains the same number, shape, position, and angle of objects.


      #3 has identical cover spots positioned perfectly from each other. The siding to the gift shop is the same material and the views vantage points and angles are the exact same from the top most cover spot. Both areas are also outside and the transition from indoors to outdoor are the same too. Once you leave the small corridor separating #2 and #3 you're outside.


      Look at #4, the "L" shape of the walls match perfectly.


      The shapes of each object for #6 are exactly the same as well as the position. Only small difference is the relative space between each object.


      #7 is completely identical on each map.