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    Wolf skin only works for player one

      the day of the release, my husband purchased the wolf skin. he has playstation plus. the wolf skin did not work for me.


      i finally used a 30 day free membership trial thinking i needed to have playstation plus on MY account to get the skin. i then BOUGHT the wolf skin on my account as well. so now we have both purchased the wolf skin on our separate accounts.


      thinking this would solve the problem, we started playing and sure enough, he had the wolf but i didnt. went into the character settings and down to guard dog. when i click "wolf" it asks me if i want to view the item in the store, you know, the item i already bought. twice. when i get there, it says ive already purchased it (no way!) and brings me right back to where i was. click the option for the wolf again and it takes me back to the store. thats an endless loop.


      a couple times messing around we made it work and we both had the wolf, but i dont know what in the world we did and when we tried to copy it, it didnt work.


      im very frustrated. we both bought it on our own accounts but it doesnt even register that i, the second player, did. is anyone else having this problem and is there ANY way of fixing it before i throw my controller at the tv? that would be much appreciated.