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    Onslaught First Impressions!


      I recorded my first time playing on the maps and then gave my feedback on the maps themselves. I hope you guys enjoy these videos as I really enjoyed making them. Any constructive criticism is welcome!


      BayView: Onslaught First Impressions - BayView (Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One) - YouTube


      Fog: Onslaught First Impressions - Fog (Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One) - YouTube


      Containment: Onslaught First Impressions - Containment (Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One) - YouTube


      Ignition: Onslaught First Impressions - Ignition (Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One) - YouTube

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          Parmersan_XBL wrote:


          Any constructive criticism is welcome!



          you need to read the rules for posting videos Guide: YouTube & Streaming Posts

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            I probably sound like an idiot for asking this (being that I'm not too familiar with DLC packs as I got the Season Pass which should have Onslaught), but how do you get to those DLC maps and unlock the weapon? I installed Onslaught on my Xbox One, yet when I go to unlock the weapon, it says it's locked and takes me to the store... which gives me a blank page.


            Do I have to play in a specific game? Or can you access it in Team Deathmatch? Sorry for the questions. I've played a lot of COD. Just my first time with purchasing a DLC pack. Thanks.

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                go to the games and aps portion on your main xbox one screen to make sure it has completely downloaded. I say this because the gun showed up for me AND the store said I purchased and installed the DLC. But it showed locked and when I checked at the XBox One menu it was still downloading.

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                  I had the same problem. Turn off the Xbox (completely off, not standby) and then turn it back on. Reset it, basically.


                  You will then have access to the DLC. It will allow you to select the Maverick weapons and give you access to the Onslaught playlist which is nothing but games on the four new maps.

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                  I don't think I will be buying any DLC until other issues are fixed.

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                    I feel that these maps offer no concealment like the original Ghosts maps (which I really enjoy), and lend themselves to a series of frag fest action, which I am really not a fan of - but I understand that some are so no big deal.  The big deal is the fog map, which could be an awesome map, really offends me as a religious person at a core level.  The obvious references to a devil worship should be purged, especially since this product is intended to be used by a wide audience.


                    I am usually not a complainer, but I really feel that COD has really gone off the rails here with the satanic references, and I truly regret purchasing the season pass for this reason alone.  I thought that it was all fun and games with my friends, but I guess there are dark souls at Activision and Infinity Ward seeking to get their message out.


                    I have played COD from its inception back on the original XBOX, through every variation of the game on the 360, and into the current generation.  I was a huge fan, buying the prestige packs and getting all my friends to meet me online three or four times a week (I usually play a little every day after work).  I have all of the paraphernalia, and even have a backup XBOX ONE just in the event there is a problem with it.  I bought a XBOX One for my daughter and my brother along with the game.  The only games I have are Forza and COD Ghosts, and I am not money limited into those choices.  I have several top-of-the-line headsets to enhance the experience.  I AM ONE OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.


                    Please remove the alters to devil worship in FOG.

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                           Everybody is entitled to their opinions, and I am in no way going to tell you how to live your life. BUT ARE YOU F4CKING SERIOUS? Please tell me you're joking. The map is supposed to be fun, spooky; a tribute to scary movies, hence the easter eggs such as the Evil Dead egg. But satanic references... Seriously? You play a game that focuses solely on shooting people in the face, assassinating people, etc.. There have been scenes in CoD where children die (the scene in MW3 where the parents and child are taking pics, and the bomb goes off killing the entire family). Yet you're complaining that a map has satanic references?

                            ".. I guess there are dark souls at Activision and Infinity Ward seeking to get their message out." I can't believe you'd even say such a thing. We joke about IW not ever doing anything, taking our money and then never supporting the game. But you're serious about this, aren't you? Are you that much of a religious fanatic? Or are you that ignorant of a person? I'm not going to tell you that what you believe is wrong. That's not what this post is about. But don't sit there at your computer and accuse these people (who are hard at work making the game that you claim to be such a huge fan of) that they "worship Satin" or suggest that the "Devil worship should be purged."

                           If you've read to the very end of this, I hope I've made my point clear. If you disagree with me, by all means disagree with me. But just remember; you're playing a game that focuses on killing people (guilty people, dictators, INNOCENT people, sometimes CHILDREN). So please, just stop and think about what you're saying. You're entitled to your beliefs, but PLEASE think about what you're about to say before you say it.

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                            Don't forget "No Russian" in MW2....that was a massacre scene!

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                                Exactly! It was literally a massacre scene, and although it was given a lot of flak, I think most people just went ahead and said "you know what, it's a video game." I just don't understand this person's logic. He claims to be a huge fan of the series, having every game, top gaming headset, and buying multiple xbones... Yet he has the nerve to get on here and accuse these devs, who worked very hard on this game, of being devil people. Maybe instead of buying multiple xbones (around $650 each on average), multiple CoD games ($60 each, not figuring in DLC, which then drives up the cost to over $100), and top gaming headsets (anywhere from $150 - $250) he probably could've done something good like donate all that money to charity. I mean, that would be the "godly" thing to do, right? I'm not taking a stab at anybody's religion or beliefs. What I'm trying to say is, you play a game that focuses on killing people from all ages, backgrounds, etc, yet you have the nerve to accuse the people who worked hard on this game of worshipping the devil. I don't say this often, but if this is what you think, you should probably GTFO. You're definitely not going anywhere by playing these games.

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                                Though i don't agree with other's over the top responses to the poster I do agree that getting offended about a devil worshiping shrine is silly. PLUS do they realize that by adding it to a horror scene along with other bad things in order to make it scary ISNT really putting forth an agenda of putting 'devil worshipping' in a good light?? That's like showing Hitler in a show about the holocaust. You don't walk out saying 'Hey what was so bad about the guy?'. You just saw the proof. If THEY really had an agenda they would hide it completely or go OUT OF THE WAY to not associate it with scary bad things in order to attract more moderates. The problem (or really the good thing) with all extremists is they only see black and white.

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                                    I agree. My point to the guy that posted about the "devil worshipping" was that he should not be accusing these people of trying to send a message about worshipping satan or whatever. These devs work hard on the game. If you don't like the game, that's fine. But if one little piece of a map bothers you that much, you probably shouldn't be playing CoD in the first place. Especially since the whole purpose of the game is basically murdering other people of all ages and nationalities. I know that it's just one person saying this, and he may be the only person in the whole community that thinks this. But as a person who is majoring in video game programming, I really take offense to the fact that he'd be so ignorant that he'd accuse these people (who I assume go to church regularly, just like any normal joe) of being devil worshippers and trying to send a message.

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                                        There was a post on here a month or so ago about Pinkys and how horrible it was to have a strip club pictured with kids playing. REALLY??? How do you even respond to that!!! Your kid just blew a guys head off and then shot his dog BUT a building named Pinkys without any real women in it is what you are worried about!?!

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                                            This. This accurately describes the world we live in. People have no problem blowing a person's head off, or murdering innocent people in-game, but throw in a "devil shrine" or a strip club and suddenly the devs are trying to send a message. Although online isn't rated, the game overall is rated M. Meaning in the US you have to be 17+ to even buy the game. If you're a parent and are buying these games for your 10 year old, but have a problem when a strip club pops up, you're probably a bad parent. I have a friend that has a 3 year old son (who is amazing at the game btw.. can go 10-5 no problem). He mainly only lets his son play when he's in the room, or if he lets him play alone, the kid has no mic. The kid is too busy doing whatever kids do to even notice the stuff in game anyway. But that's parenting. Don't buy an M rated game and get pissed or offended when something like that pops up. It's rated M for a reason.

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                                                Yeah, I have let me now 14 year old play these games for
                                                years BUT he is mature and lives in reality. If I ever saw a glimmer of
                                                anything that made me think he thought the games were real and that he thought
                                                shooting someone wasn’t a PERMINANT action I would pull the plug immediately.

                                                  But like you said, it is a disconnect with society as a
                                                whole going back I think to the puritan era. Sex became offensive and something
                                                hidden from the world. We still deal with this today with some really ODD
                                                double standards. I honestly was at a friend’s house watching a movie and they
                                                covered their child’s eyes when a girl took off her top and her boobs fell out.
                                                BUT the very next scene of a bad guy’s death went completely unnoticed.

                                                  I finally asked why they did that and they said they didn’t want
                                                him to objectify women. They didn’t like my simple response, I said “oh, well I’d
                                                rather my son growing up thinking woman’s breast are cool and the fact that he wasnt a freak for liking them than
                                                thinking walking down the street and blowing people away was acceptable. “

                                                  They looked at me like I was crazy. It was like they never
                                                expected someone to say sex is natural and extreme violence and murder isn’t.

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                                                    Exactly. I'm 20 years old, and believe it or not, I wasn't allowed to watch South Park or any show of that sorts until I was 17. So you could probably guess I definitely wasn't allowed to watch an R rated movie. When I have children, I'm going to pull them aside and say, "Look dude. You can watch what you want, read what you want, etc, but you have to know that everything you do or say has a consequence." Now obviously I'm not going to let them curse or do outrageous things, but I'm not going to sit there an hold their hand. If they want to play a game that involves demons or shooting people's heads off, I say go for it. At the end of the day, the only thing they need to know is that there's a difference between fiction and reality.

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                                          Not sure if troll or serious.


                                          However, its a horror movie tribute map. Satanic imagery is par for the course. This reminds me of the outcry about resi 5 being racist due to most of the zombies being black when. it. was. set. in. AFRICA.

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                                              He was obviously serious. I remember when RE5 came out though. I was 14 I think, and I remember hearing about those racism outcries. I remember thinking.. They're zombies... In Africa... How is that racism. It's like all the articles that say gaming makes women look bad. Like give me a fuc%in break.

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                                                  I remember my nan walking into my room once whilst I was playing the first Tomb Raider game that'd come with the PS1 I got that Xmas. She sat down and watched for a while, and I thought she was going to sneer at it for being all tits n guns. She asked me who Lara Croft was, said she was great and that it was good to see a woman 'kicking ass' (shes american) and then shuffled out.


                                                  Not often been left speechless like that before or since

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                                                      Haha yes. I actually live with my grandma (I'm in college.. trying to save money), so when she hears me yelling every curse word in the book, she knows I'm playing CoD and that she should just stay away. She's old (but not old old), and she's cooler than most young adults are. And the ironic thing is, is that she's really religious too. If she saw the "Satan shrine" on Fog, she wouldn't freak like the idiots "boycotting" this game. She'd go, "oh my god this place is scary." She's smart enough to realize it's a video game, unlike some people.

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                                                  I have to say, I am also a person of faith and have no interest in promoting satanism. But, I don't think that's what's happening here. As others have said, the satanic and sacrifice imagery are part of the "set" for this map. I find it a little silly to get overworked about it. This is a classic horror film map which I find utterly entertaining. It is, after all, a game. I watch scary movies that employ similar visuals and TV shows that butcher actual scripture, but I take them for what they are: entertainment. Same goes here.


                                                  That being said, hey people, don't hate the guy for his opinion. He's entitled to it. Is he being extreme and unreasonable? Maybe, but he's allowed to be. Disagree, but don't hate.

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                                                      No hate, but I am also at liberty to point out if I feel something is unreasonable. Isn't free speech fantastic?

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                                                          Free speech is fantastic, no sarcasm intended. But honestly, some things should just be kept to yourself.. Like coming on the game's official forum and accusing the devs of being Satanists because there's one little part (that is so small it's barely noticeable) that you don't like.

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                                                          I agree 100%. Like I had said earlier in this novel, I have absolutely no problem with his beliefs. People should feel free to post what they want, because that is the point of free speech. BUT, as soon as he accused the people that make his beloved game of being Satanic, devil worshipping people trying to send a message (and was serious about it.. that's key here), I got offended and felt the need to "hate." The posts after might've gotten a little off track from the main point of my posts.. But you get my point. I got offended because (I might've mentioned it earlier) I'm going to school for game programming. I understand how hard it is to make a game. And although the game might not be good sometimes, or might not be up to our expectations, there's no doubt that the devs work really, really hard. Accusing them of being Satanists because of a prop in a map is just ignorant. But like I said.. I'm not trying to say his beliefs are wrong. I'm just saying that thinking before posting is probably the right thing to do.

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                                                              I can understand your sensitivity given your career goals. Totally get it. I understand why people get frustrated by silly comments like that and because you can be (somewhat) anonymous online, it gets easy to go off and get mean. That's what frustrates me. No matter what the debate is, it's like if we disagree we have to hate each other. I believe we can still have healthy debate and still be civil even if we disagree. I'm not suggesting your or anyone was being mean. I just wanted to calm the tempers a little. OK, sermon over. Back to virtual death and destruction.