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    Reset Account

      Hello every one well a few weeks ago I joined a hack lobby.I have been trying to get my account reset dose any one know how long this takes?I have missed out on double xp and now the new maps are out.All I would like to do is be able to play the game that I spent $60 for and The season pass that I paid $50 for.The game has been a waste of money now that this has happened.If there is any one out there that can reset my account please let me know so I can play the game.Thanks

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          Re: Reset Account

          Hello killerrepo,


          Can you clarify if you have already had your information collected by an ATVI member to be investigated? If you have, then please be patient, as these cases do require some time to be properly reviewed.


          If you have not had your information collected please message me the following:

          - Gamertag

          - Console

          - Rank before/after joining the lobby




          ATVI Support

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