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    weaker weapons

      After the patch i feel that my weapons are a lot weaker and take more to kill others. The lynx would always kill in 1 shot while using a silencer but after the update its always a 2 shot kill. also the M27 LMG is not even that good anymore. Not sure if its only me but i feel the snipers are not as good as they were.

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          No, none of the weapons are weaker, I think the only weapon that was really changed was the msbs.. shortening the time it takes between bursts.

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            I was wondering the same thing.  I found that my Honey Badger was not popping people at the same ranges that I was on Sunday night.  I was in familiar places attempting similar shots that I had successfully made all weekend.

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              Yep, I have to agree with you guys.


              I use the Honey Badger 90% of the time. It was most definitely taking a good 30-40% more to kill people. At longer range, I could normally hit people with a few bursts to knock em' down, but it was nearly impossible to do yesterday without substantially more shots.


              Come to think of it, I usually get 3-4 kills avg a magazine...yesterday I was dumping full mags to kill 1-2 people.

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                None of the weapons were nerfed as far as damage is concerned.


                The AK12 had it's view kick increased, the L115 and USR had their reload times adjusted, and the MSBS had its burst fire cooldown reduced.