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    Mois! Mois powuh!

      Recently I brought to you news of a revolutionary new bullet that could change the face of Call of Duty. Well, maybe not the face - but it could solve hitbox issues. That was the now worldly famous M.I.B., also known as the "Multiple Impact Bullet" or the Mi-Bullet. The bullet expands from gauge up to a 10 foot radius (or something like that).


      But now there is another bullet arriving onto the scene that could permanently remove the phrase "Stopping Power" from the forum vernacular. Introducing the R.I.P., or the "Radically Invasive Projectile."



      Hailed as "The last round you'll ever need," if you will notice, it looks very much like a hollow point bullet. In fact, in a way, it is. Do not be fooled, though - this bullet is more than a "Full Metal Jacket" - that's a 100% copper bullet! Yeah. Uh, huh. We're talking major ouch. The serrated tip, however, is meant for pure stoppage. What it does is penetrate hard surfaces ... and then splinters once inside the target. This provides a massive increase in the amount of damage done by the bullet - up to 10 times more fragments! Yeah! Yeah buddy!


      There is a down side to this bullet, however. It does not penetrate ballistic vests.


      Still, I now have my sources watching closely for a merging of the M.I.B. with the R.I.P. Rumors are that we just might soon see the B.I.M.P.R. (Big, Idiot-proof, Multi Player Round).




      By the way, I'm not crazy. "Mois! Mois Powuh!" is one of my most favorite lines ever in a movie. It's Christopher Walken in A View to a Kill. When Bond manages to tangle a Zorin Industries blimp's guideropes into the Golden Gate bridge, Zorin (played by Walken) demands the pilots apply more power to free the blimp from the bridge. The effort fails.


      You can see the particular scene HERE ... the quote begins at 1:34.

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          Re: Mois! Mois powuh!

          While those bullets due look quite awesome and I don't deny that they would cause extreme damage and penetration to both surfaces and flesh, there are two problems.


          1. Extensive rules governing warfare have been made over the course of time to prevent casualties, accidents, less than humane incidents, etc. Hollow point bullets have been generally unused in traditional warfare due to the grievous injuries they induce. I can't imagine these bullets being used in standard warfare.


          2. These would not and should not influence CoD. CoD already breaks a lot of the aforementioned war rules, especially, if not exclusively, in their campaigns. This would be over the top. Add in the fact that CoD doesn't have to adopt new advances in technology to their games and that people already complain they die too fast and the methods in which they die are unfair, unreasonable, and/or unrealistic, adding these into CoD in any way, shape, or form would probably be to the ire of the players.


          But again, those do look pretty sick.

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              Re: Mois! Mois powuh!

              All good and true points, gambit. Thanks for taking a look. Really, I mean these threads in jest. I'm amazed more players don't jump up and say, "Yes! We want that in the game!" given some of the other things people sometimes suggest.

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