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    Rip MSBS


      After not using it since i basically bought ghosts i decided to go back to it.


      Fair enough patch the damage, because 2 out of the 3 bullets in the burst would kill.


      What i dont understand is why reduce the range, why so much kick and such a low clip size. Using full auto is a nightmare on kick and forget it if i get hit while shooting, then your battling kick with some flinch.


      Takes several bursts at range to kill which is poor seeing a sniper can have full range on a one shot kill but an assault rifle has to suffer on a several burst kill


      It has the same mobility score but has always seemed to be slower on ads


      I think they have basically rendered it somewhat useless.

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          It was always rubbish at range. It can still kill in 2 bullets up close, you just have to make sure you land em both to the chest.

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            Yeah, I feel it falls short too much now. It was OP before, but I think they nerfed it a bit too much. It's difficult to use it effectively when you get more reliability from both, marksman rifles and snipers. It has pretty much been out-ruled.

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              The msbs was never meant to be good at range. It was meant as a short to mid range AR. Not a do everything well at any range AR.

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                I still see people using it and doing well with it.  I've picked it up a few times and gone a few streaks with it.  It's not meant to compete at range so you should avoid anything past Medium range with it.

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                  I think they over-nerfed it. If arms and legs gave 2 shot kills, fine fiddle with the hit box. But lowering its firerate and decreasing its already poor range made it pretty useless. Imho the best designed guns either do a few things very well with drawbacks elsewhere, or do everything middle of the road.


                  The MSBS is dead to me because it does nothing particularly well and has several huge drawbacks. Th worst or close to it range and recoil of all ARs, 3 shot burst which has no upside. To balance it with the popular ARs it should have increased range and decreased recoil.


                  Furthermore, contrarily to some above, I sure don't see it used anymore. So indeed RIP.


                  Edit: I only play HC so my opinion is based on what I see and experience in HC, can't speak for core.

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                    At range its crap but close quarters its still a force to be reckoned with.

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                        The gun is a three round burst with high recoil and poor range, it only excels at close range where its rate of fire hinders it. Its a stupid gun.


                        Three round burst guns should have great range, be very accurate. But have a great enough pause between shots to make them tricky in close quarters with moderate damage.


                        The gun was fine before the nerf now there are so many better options for close and long range. The MTAR is better at range, ridiculous.


                        Now that I have it gold I don't think I will put myself through it again.