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    The Maveric

      So for those of you that have played with it, which do you use and prefer SR or AR and in which game type, core or hard core?


      I prefer the sniper version in hc with the vz attachment and silencer. It becomes a beast of a weapon better than any other Sr if you are accurate. Thermal is not needed on it ever for it removes the benefits the normal scope adds. It also feels like there is more recoil with the thermal then with the normal sight at least to me.


      I played several games with it and went positive each match with it with little problem doing so.

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          Re: The Maveric

          I played with the sniper version with the thermal and a silencer for about a minute last night in Core. Hitmarkers had me wondering if I was holding a marksman rifle. So I tried to spray like the MK14-EBR. The the recoil popped so high I decided to try this gun at another time.....lol.


          I have to give it a go on older maps to give it a true assessment of how it compares to other sniper rifles. Bad first impression.

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              Re: The Maveric

              The recoil is about like the lynx SR. Once you learn the pattern and dont try and rush with it, it is extremely easy and effective. When using the silencer on it always aim chest high and not at arms or legs. The thermal actually hinders the gun imo. The normal sight is all that is needed. But try the vz attachment. You can see people across the entire map pretty easily even if they are using incog to hide from the tracker part of the sight because of how big and clear the sight is.

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