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    Impossible Challenges - Literally

      I've had several game snow, where we will get "kill 12 seekers before they self-destruct".

      Which is brilliant. A nice new challenge, that can be accomplished... or so you'd think.

      I've had this about 3 times that I can remember. Each time, we only get 2 meteor's, which totals to... yep you got it, 8 seekers. That is literally impossible to do.


      I've also had a "kill a phantom whilst it's jumping". That isn't easy to do, I admit. I think we've only done it once, by accident (yet on purpose lol). Now the problem we had with this, is the fact we had NO phantom at all. It was in the first area, probably the third or 4th hive.



      Then there are these challenges where it's "kill the marked targets before any others". Again, that's definitely do-able, so long as everyone understands it. The problem I have had with this one, is 2 or 3 meteor's will come down as soon as you plant, and as the timer is counting down. What's do you do when you see 8-12 seekers running at you? You shoot them. So you either have to shoot them and fail the challenge, OR get downed.



      Has anyone else experienced problems with the challenges? I mean proper problems, such as no phantom appearing. Only 8 seekers arriving.. and stuff like that.