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    Headquarters and Hardpoint not in GHOSTS

      Why is this not in ghosts. Its classic game mode,competitive,fun,clans love it, and why not put it in. Its better than having 3 TDM game modes ex. cranked, kill confirmed,TDM. It wouldn't kill to put a game mode in that people enjoy. Or at least put a game mode similar to HQ or Hardpoint. A lot of people didn't buy Ghosts because it didn't have HQ or Hardpoint. The question that people will ask for the next Call of Duty is if there will be HQ. My opinion these 2 game modes express Call of duty really well. Barely any campers, most of all RUN AND GUN. I'm just posting this because a lot of people asked me to. I've played COD from the the very first one. I would love to see HQ or Hardpoint back in. THANK YOU!