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    COD Account not updating cross xbox platforms

      ok first problem: my i have played many hours on my 360, and gained many ranks, yet when i go to my xbox one, it does not forward my progress.

      second problem: I have purchased the season pass, but through my xbox one, which in my mind should just be linked to my cod account, yet its not letting me download the DLC to my 360 to play with the friends that haven't moved to the one yet.

      third problem: I have been trying to start a live chat with someone who works for you guys for the past hour and i click on the live chat button, but it does nothing, it doesn't even tell me if all available support personnel are currently busy, so as far as i can tell, that button is broken.

      in summation, wtf activision…..

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          Re: COD Account not updating cross xbox platforms

          Somethings you might need to store on the cloud, like your game data.


          First of all you made the mistake of buying the season pass on your Xbox one. It was called an UPGRADE offer for a reason. Not a downgrade.


          As for talking with live chat if your PC isnt updated fully it cant work. You could need to add Java, allow cookies, newest version of the web browser etc etc


          Assuming you are tlaking about freinds on the actual Xbox itself ? Only your gamertags on the original console you bought it on can share it.

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