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    Call of Duty Ghosts Season Pass Won't Work

      I bought the Season Pass on Ghosts not too long ago, and I've recently downloaded the new map pack.  I'm a pretty high prestige on Ghosts so I created another account so that I could start over.  When I went to play on the new packs today on my other account it said that "some of the content is damaged or missing."  When I tried to play on the new Onslaught maps it said I didn't have them and I need to buy them AGAIN, but I already bought them and downloaded them with my season pass.  I don't understand why it isn't working because on Black Ops 2, me and my friend would take turns playing on my xbox and on seperate accounts.  I would buy the map pack on one account and the second account could also use it because it is on the same xbox, but Ghosts isn't giving my access to the maps on my second account.  Can someone please help me fix this?