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    My clan war wins not registering?

      My Wins alone are not registering with clan wars, but my clan teammates are? I have been in the clan for a month or so. The commander made me lt. commander and I downloaded the new map pack. Those are the only changes from last wars. Would that have anything to do with it?


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          Your clan probably invited someone after the roster lock and that could be the reason your wins didn't count...the roster lock is a lock on the number of people in your clan not the names. So if your clan had 10 people at the time of the roster lock and you invited 2 more into it after the lock. When the clan wars starts the first 10 people who score will have their score count for the duration of the war even if part of that ten included the two new people. The two that didn't score even if they are the clan leader or have been in the clan since day one could miss out on having their score count..

          Roster lock is on the number of people at the time of the lock not the names.

          The first ones to score up to the roster lock number will have there score count.

          here is another thing about it if the war started and you have twenty people in your clan and 5 of them haven't done anything score wise you can recruit during the war and have new members score count up until you hit the roster lock number.