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    Dome Ghosts

      Hey all,


      Can I have your opinion on the new map pack and coming new maps to come.

      Basically I watched a video when they first released the map pack #1 on 360 and as some of you may know, some players accidentally got the names of map pack #2 instead on the pack 1.


      We all know that Strikezone is a remade version of DOME from MW3 - exact same layout but different buildings.


      And on the leaked names of map pack 2 there is a map called DOME coming out which is confusing as why would they bring out 2 maps that are identical?


      My theory is this. one of my best maps from a previous COD:WAW i think is called DOME and I know it is a long shot but maybe they are going to bringing a new and improves version of this map back to Ghosts?


      Some of you may be thinking "no as they can't bring back maps from different trademarked devs" but they can as all they have to do is tweak it so it is not fully identical but similar.


      This is my though and that would be honestly AMAZING as I loved Dome from WAW <3


      Your thoughts?




      Best regards



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          Dome from WAW is a Treyarch map. Dome from MW3 is a IW map. IW has never brought back Treyarch maps and vice versa. Don't get your hopes up, you will only be disappointing yourself.

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            What i think they are going to do is bring back one map from each of the more recent infinity ward call of duty games and re-image them. For example, ignition is the remake of scrapyard from MW2 so it may be possible that Dome might be re-imaged for the 2nd map pack. But if that is the plan for infinity ward, i believe that they should bring back Killhouse from the first modern warfare. It was a small, close quarters map in a warehouse and i believe it will be a big hit in the 3rd dlc map pack.



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              I don't mind them redoing past popular maps, just as long as they make them a little better or different. I guess nobody notices that "Freight" has the same look and feel as the "Stalingrad Railyard" from COD2

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                Strikezone is not Dome. It essentially has the same map layout as Dome but apart from that they are two different maps. Also IW won't bring Treyarch maps as treyarch won't bring IW maps. If Dome is returning, it's most likely from MW3. I loved Dome from MW3. <3

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                    why would they bring back DOME from MW3? we already have it "strikezone"

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                        I hate to be overly negative in one day but if their future remakes are anything like Ignition then no thanks. I'm a believer that if old maps come back they should be made better and stay as close to the original as possible. No underground that wasn't there, no alien egg sacks (very long sigh), and no map changing dynamics that weren't there.