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        20. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

        Ha ha - heard it all now. You're in a clan. Yet you don't care if you win.


        Erm - earth to TheBeastlyDude - you can't have a clan if you don't have a clan name. Bellend.


        Maybe go back and read my original post. Then comment because you have missed the point wholeheartedly.


        12? I have pubes older than 12 years old.

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          21. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

          Read the last 3 lines/paragraphs of my opening statement. Then come back to me.


          I didn't apportion blame at all. I actually aimed my original point at the creator. Because, as I said, they could create ames catered for both.


          Enjoy your corners. Little boy x


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            22. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

            I haven't seen more or less of what you are talking about when comparing it past COD titles.


            Yeah, the game is going to be a bit off at times (180* knife's is one of them), but I probably have been privy to some of those myself, so it seems to balance out in the end.


            I really haven't had a hard time running around picking people off.  Campers seem to be easy enough to take care of as they always have been. 


            End point, if it comes between this game and BOII or MW3....I am taking this game 100 times over.

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              23. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

              swanpappa wrote:


              Nothing I have said is subjective. It is based on fact.


              Let me pick you apart:


              'i played a lot of cranked last night for the clan war' - yes you were in a clan war. See my point earlier. bellend.


              'you're complaining about things that have been in almost every COD since it was just called call of duty and was only on the PC' - MW1 wasn't like this in Modern Warfare 1 because the maps were not expansive enough. Nowadays, and from what you have said, they cater for children or for those not fast enough to run in to a head on confrontation.

              Check every corner. Oh wow. What a great game that is. Considering within in 10m's of each map there is 30, I might take half an hour to progress over the map.

              It's a video game is it? I hadn't noticed. I had though I was fighting the Americans on various maps in real time, but cheers for enlightening me.

              Like others, you can't see why the creator of the game wouldn't want to cater for those that want to play purely skilled games and those that want to spend their time doing nothing?

              Quite clearly you are in the latter eschelons and therefore are no longer worthy of my time. Enjoy counting corners.

              wow! you're a crybaby! you can't even have people counter your argument without resorting to insults... you've insulted almost every person in here that doesn't agree with you. you've just assumed people are campers *just* because they don't share your opinion. speaks volumes on your character and why you're getting so upset here.


              anyway, what does me playing in a clan war have to do with anything? it was still cranked. it wasn't clan v clan, not everyone in those matches was in the clan war, bellend...


              so, there was no camping in MW1? really? if i type in "camping in modern warfare 1" into youtube, you know what i get? "about 115,000 results"...so, yeah, there's another one of your "facts" disproved...


              i brought up the realism point because you're the one who originally asked "where's the realism" bellend.


              no, see, that's the thing, i can see EXACTLY why they do the things they do, to make money by selling the game to as many people as possible, which means they have to cater a bit to every single player and playtype, all the while trying to keep a good balance. hey, at least they got rid of deathstreaks, right?


              and, look, another insult. what, you can't take it when someone else has i different viewpoint than you? see, the simple fact is, is that you're just another sore loser, whining, crybaby that expects everyone to conform to you and your playstyle. you'd probably still cry about something if the other teams kept walking in front of your optics...we've seen you before...


              oh, and by the way, what's your actual gamertag or PSNid? i mean, it's only fair, you're asking other people for info to check stats, why not let us check yours? bellend.

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                24. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

                Where did I say that I don't care if I win? I said I play to hang out with friends and win. If I play to win, it's most likely means that I care about winning.


                What makes you think my clan doesn't have a name?


                I seriously doubt you have any body hair that is older than 12 years since body hair naturally replaces itself after a few months but never mind basic science that one learns in school when they are older than 12.

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                  25. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

                  LOL! Of course it does...in your feeble mind. More LOL a your misguided assumptions. little crybabies like you are absolutely the biggest problem with this this game. You suck, deal with it and find something you can play. Ghost doesn't want or need your crying ass. 

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                    26. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

                    They can have so many varying games that cater for both.


                    Capture the flag worked. It meant there was always a target to the opposing team.

                    Cranked works on the outside, yet there is not enough action for it to work.

                    Why not have war games with larger teams on larger maps?

                    How about a you will die if you don't move 5ms to scale on the screen in the last 5 seconds?

                    How about each team has 1 mercenary that knows the location of your team and is a renegade?

                    1 player per team is a decoy that can be seen at all times by the opposition?

                    1 gun, 1 bullet?

                    A knives only game?

                    A dead zone per map, per team?

                    A 1 player 'on your team' that you are allowed to kill?


                    I thought of the above in 5 minutes. Surely a company worth hundreds can come up with something better.


                    I bet they laugh at all that play the game that they come up with very little and can make 10's of millions as a result. So much so, a map pack means another 10 million to the company.


                    Look at the bigger picture and see the problem.

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                      27. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

                      'And just because I don't name my clan'.

                      I rest my case.

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                        28. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

                        Name my clan as in say its name. That's basic English there. The way I use the word "name" is used quite frequently on these boards as in "you're not allowed to name and shame cheaters".


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                          29. Re: Problems with Call of Duty that makes Ghosts poor....

                          Why would anyone object to what I have said if they aren't in fact a camper? I haven't gone way left field and said anything that most wouldn't say. Therefore if being accused of being a camper insults you, you most probably are.


                          You type something in to youtube on a game that was released 6 years prior as your basis for an argument. Oh dear.


                          How am I a crybaby? I am rocking a 1.44 with a clan in the platinum division.Does it not count for something that even with this, I am still complaining that the game caters for those like yourself. Guess not!!!


                          You can see my gamertag if you want - dannyboi85. That makes me 29 for those with 12 year old jibes.

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