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    Change in CP values!

      Has anyone noticed that some of the CP values has changed since last night? They are not decreasing but increasing in value!

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          Re: Change in CP values!

          If the node has not been captured yet the CP value remains the same. But as soon the node is captured, every 2 hours the CP value goes up by one. It makes it where the clans will actually participate in the clan wars more even though they are in a low placement. It just makes it more competitive for the nodes that have been already captured.



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            Re: Change in CP values!

            Here's the way the clan wars works this time from the Beachhead rep on Reddit:


            B. The designers continue to polish the scoring system. For Antarctica, the scoring system works like this:


            • When a node is captured, its CP value goes down by 2.

            • Every 2 hours after its initial capture, the node both grows by 1 CP and awards 1 CP to the holder, if still held.

            • The minimum CP value is 3, and the maximum is twice the initial CP value.

            Example: Clan B caps the Research Station, worth 20 CP. They immediately receive 20 CP, and the value of the Research Station falls to 18. A battle ensues and they successfully hold off the other clans for 2 hours; they gain 1 more CP and the Research Station gains to 19.


            Example 2: Clan C caps the Dam, which was originally worth 10 CP, but has fallen to 3 CP. They gain 3 CP immediately, but the node is already at its lowest level and doesn't change. They hold it for a day and a half (36 hours, or 18 two-hour periods). The node goes to being worth 20 CP (its max), and they gain 18 CP during that period for holding the node.

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