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    :: Panic Knife Issue & Solution ::

      Having played every Call Of Duty game over the last 10 years from PC to PS3 and I have seen it all in CoD. A major issue that needs to be addressed is the Panic Knife.


      I have a solution to the Panic Knife that could solve the complaining and disadvantage of using the Tactical setup. I suggest making a Perk that is called Panic Knife. Without the Panic Knife Perk enabled you will have to press the Knife button Twice or Three times to get the knife kill. With the Panic Knife Perk enabled it will be the One Press version that is in place with all Call of Duty games.


      I do believe that a Panic Knife Perk is the solution that would fix the insane reach and knee jerk reaction that knifing has become and level the playing field for gamers who use a Tactical setup on there controller.

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