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    Dead Silence.

      Hey, guys, it's nice that you sorta listened to me... (Or the community that helped with the long thread we argued for like two week with.) But now, you've made dead silence a bit too powerful. Now you literally can't hear it without amplify. I haven't tested the effects of Amplify on Dead Silence yet but, people who don't have amplify need to at least have a tiny indication. I was the one complaining that the stealth perk was too underpowered, now I'm gonna complain that it's too overpowered. Also, I don't understand why sliding would be silent... You're using inertia to drag you carcass against the ground. That's going to make noise no matter what you do unless you're on grass. My suggestion is that you make Dead Silence vs Non-Amplify uses about half as loud as you had it before. I don't understand why you guys had to mess with dead silence so much. You had it good enough in the other CoDs. I didn't really see complaints on it. But now, making it that you're completely silent while moving in all enviroments. We already have a way to be absolutely silent that's balanced, crouch walking. You give up speed to be absolutely silent. Now, you give up nothing to be absolutely silent. You can sprint making no sounds, bump objects making no sounds, jump making no sounds. The only thing you really can't do being silent is switch weapons or fall more than ten feet.

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          Oh Geezus!


          Seriously man! People complained and complained that Amplify was too strong and had no counter, now they do something about it and DS is the issue!


          This is what this community gets for crying about nothing!


          (to the op, nothing against you) just saying.

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            Stop asking to nerf or buff anything if you don't know what you really want.


            The devs have metrics that let them know if something is OP.


            Everybody needs to get out of their way and let them do their job.


            Carry on

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              3. Re: Dead Silence.

              theelix wrote:


              Hey, guys, it's nice that you sorta listened to me... (Or the community that helped with the long thread we argued for like two week with.) But now, you've made dead silence a bit too powerful.


              Basically... this is a story of be careful what you wish for.

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                yeah, basically. I'm just leaving this up right now to see what the rest of the community thinks about it.

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                  It's a bit strange using DS now. I got so used to noises my avatar made when performing certain things. So quiet now.

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                    You are joking right? How about this remove both of them so everyone stops crying there you go everyone is mad and everyone loses. Getting annoyed with people who have to rely on crutches because they can't handle not looking around if Dead Silence gets nerfed again then I want Sitrep to get buffed so players can also see Amplify users through the walls and no counters to Sitrep either there you go a crutch countering a crutch the perfect setup. Dead Silence isn't overpowered I have yet to have someone sneak up on me if you can't handle it start using equipment or start looking around like you should of been doing in the first place instead of relying on a wall hack involving sound known as Amplify.

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                      7. Re: Dead Silence.

                      Unlike some, I agree that DS should not have been buffed to the degree it was. But, actually, I never felt there was anything wrong with the perk to begin with. Apparently, OP, you did. And how do I respond to you now feeling they went too far the other direction? With the following question:


                      Did you learn your lesson?


                      Leave it alone or it just might get worse.

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                        8. Re: Dead Silence.

                        Unfortunately, this goes back to what I was saying for a long time now.


                        Buff/nerf complaints are rarely made with the entire community in mind when making them, but rather only with one person in mind; the one making the complaint. When they want buffs, they really mean that they want the buff for themselves, but not for everyone else. When they want nerfs, they really mean that they want everyone, except themselves, to be nerfed. So when/if those buffs/nerfs are implemented, they, of course, are not happy with the results because everyone else is included with the buff (thus, now what they wanted buffed is OP to them) or they are included with everyone else with the nerf (thus, now what they wanted nerfed is "useless").


                        So people complained that Amplify was "too strong", so the devs buffed Dead Silence to what they demanded; for it to make NO noise to non-Amplify users and little noise with Amplify users, but surprise surprise, now Dead Silence is starting to quickly be seen as "too strong".

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                          9. Re: Dead Silence.

                          I run around all the time so I am very happy with the update.

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