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    Improvements to new Clan vs Clan

      This is a small list of things that can be improved in the new Clan vs Clan playlist that was just added with the new TU 1.07 . First off let me start by saying thank you to the Dev's that worked on this update great work, but as we all know there's always room for improvement. I'm a huge fan of the competitive scene and love how you implemented the CoDeSports rules into Clan vs Clan below I will list some issues I have come across while I been playing.


      My Equipment:


      Acer S232HL Abid Black 23"

      2ms Full HD HDMI LED

      Blacklight LCD Monitor Slim

      Design 250 cd/m2 ACM

      (12,000,000:1) 1,000:1



      Ps3 Slim 250GB



      Ubee DVW3201B Modem/Router

      50mbps Download / 5mbps Upload



      1. When Playing Octane Blitz and SND there is a care package that can be accessed by breaching the trailer in the center of the map.

      FIX: Disable the ability to procure the care package.


      2. When finding a match people in the lobby tend to back out if they see a game mode or map that they don't want to play or they don't like. This makes for long wait periods just to find a match.

      FIX: Create a "lobby locked in" feature that prevents players from leaving once map/mode has been selected.


      3. During the game players leave the game ruining the competitive experience for some users, once the game turns into a 3v4 or 2v4 there is no way for those remaining players to make a come back and win/tie the game.

      FIX: Develop a penalize feature that punishes player for leaving mid game.


      4. In the Domination game mode there is only one 5 min side being played this eliminates the ability to have a good competitive game.

      FIX: Add a second 5 min round to Domination.


      5. There is no ranking system in Clan vs Clan so players don't have anything to play for besides XP .

      FIX: Develop some sort of ranking system or incentive players can play towards.


      This concludes my list at the moment, again I would like to thank the Dev's for their work on this TU great changes you guys made. This game is taking a big turn and I only see it getting better keep it up !