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    Ghillie Suit Help

      Alright , for some odd reason I want to unlock the ghillie suit. Thought 850 kills seems kind of steep. I'm not a sniper, it's just kind if a personal challenge I guess. And I suck at sniping, hints why I'm asking for some hints. I'm playing HC DOM. Yes I do play the objective, usually come out with 7-9 caps a game. I'm using the usr with acog , and chrome barrel.  No lethal or tac. Perks are ready up, marathon, QuickDraw, off the grid, and focus. And using support system. Any hints on game style I might change up at all ? Should I be more patient and camp a tad more ? And I'm expecting my k/d to go from shitty to shittier , but it's just a number. Should I try different perks , or rifles ? Any hints or tips help ! Thanks in advance guys !

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          Re: Ghillie Suit Help

          Well, I am no sniper either, but I did unlock the ghillie suit.  What I have been told and experienced for myself is that you can't play the same way sniping as you do with regular ARs/SMGs.  To be accurate, you usually need to be stationary at least momentarily while pulling the trigger.  Unless you are a quick-scoper, you will need to slow your game down.


          Nothing wrong with Ready Up, Quick Draw or Focus.  Marathon might help you more in Domination in getting to where you need to be, I suppose, but I like to have Dead Silence and/or SitRep.  When you have a sniper you are at a close quarters disadvantage and the last thing you want to do is have somebody with headphones hear you coming and be able to jump you and sitrep is handy for spotting where people are camped out.  I have also toyed with Incog instead of OTGrid because of how everybody runs thermal sights - it depends on the map for me.


          Finally, I don't like the acog.  Unless you are set on quick-scoping, try the variable or thermal.  If you want to shoot people at range, those will give you what you need.  Set up a couple of different sniping classes for different maps with what you like so that you can use them on large or smaller maps and start grinding.

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