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    2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

      No big deal - but i just played buried and hit round 72 with 2 downs and over 12K in kills. Raised my KD by point .7 %

      That there beez a lot of time <<<<<    It's been days and still no sign of change on icon.



      I have 400,000 kills total and 2330 downs so it's not a small task getting it to 200 per down. I know it's a lot of downs but looking back in hind sight is easy! Especially helping friends get perma quick revive and perma jug. (Which aren't so permanent anyway!) and just playing bad sometimes. I don't like quitters on zombies and hate the fact if someone quits it's for nout. When Mob came out I went down a **** ton and more than any other map including die rise. No excuses but can't i control if I reset stats or not? It's not like I haven't tried


      My last five games have been great scoring games and it just doesn't budge. I have finally given up.

      Anyway that been said - Can we change the stat reset and give us an option and also make sure the rounds count if someone lags or rage quits? You have to play public to get on leader boards, but then mr joe public quits.How the F can you honestly not do a custom match with friends and get recorded? If it's on original difficulty  what difference does it make.

      PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ? (or help me if you know a developer or someone who can nuke my stats so I can get shot guns!)

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          Re: 2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

          The Shotgun rank is not as great as it made out to be.

          I have played in many lobbies where Skull players are better than Daggers and Shotguns.


          Judging by your skills, you will need to string together 5-10 games in a row where you get 70+ rounds, meaning you must keep on improving. 


          You've set yourself a benchmark so the game expects you to get even better before awarding you the Shotguns.

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            Re: 2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

            I see it pointless to reset your stats. Ppl still think the rank system is based on your K/D but it has nothing to do with that. It's all about your average round / downs. Figuring out your average rounds requires some note taking if u will. Bear with me on this.  The best way to keep track is by having the ELITE app and look at your recent games. Some thing differ from the app and your console player channel. The app shows one less round achived so when setting a goal of let's say round 30, u have to play another round (31) for it to show getting to round 30.


            Your average round is found like this:


            Say u have played 5 games ;   Rounds 20,25,30,35,40. Divide that by the five games and u have an average round of 30. now the ranking system takes control by pitting that average against the total downs of those five games . Lets say those 5 games were on custom and u planned on getting to a specific round and ending it. Ppl see that as boosting which I'm not condoning because being a long time guest on this site everyone and myself frown upon glitching, cheating ...etc.


            If you have your player channel empty start at the beginning of the week and play two games a day till Friday . Set a goal like Monday get to round 25 twice , next day go up 5 more rounds . I was a long time believer in the whole K/D bs but started to notice a connection to recent games and not game history if u follow me. I had my knife forever until I stopped playing for about two weeks and started keeping track of my games and in game stats ( downs & rounds ). I started Monday and by Friday night I had received my shotguns.

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                Re: 2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

                So it's tied to elite? I just got the shotties no sweat on my new steam account, but on my ps3/xbox I'm stuck at the knife and it seems that I can't break out of that no matter how good or bad I do. I thought about trying to derank myself to the double bones and trying to work my way back up but this seems silly and counter intuitive. Please elaboriate on how many games the rank keeps track of.

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                    Re: 2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

                    If u think I meant rank is tied to ELITE then u misunderstood me.  ELITE is a tool to help u map out your progress/games to figure out your average. It only keeps track of games that are shown on your console player channel. You rank up/down based on your average round to total downs of those games.


                    If u don't play for a while and clear out your player channel it gives u the chance to restart the cycle and start fresh to aim for a better average .

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                    Re: 2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

                    This is some sound advice and the best I have heard. Most people are just "why reset stats" blah blah.....

                    So far I have hit 43 on buried (4 downs) and 38 transit and 72 on buried with 12K on the kill font and 2 downs.

                    Thats pretty much where I said f it again as it took hours to get that far.  


                    Getting into the 40's takes hours and watching the KD climb so slowly just feels stupid right now.

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                    Re: 2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

                    Thanks for clarifying. My new question is this. How long is a while? 5 days, a week, 2 weeks? Or until your player channel is empty?

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