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    Lack of mini map in HC


      Who's the brainiac that decided there should be no mini map in Ghosts' Hard Core matches??

      I'm not talking about the on-screen corner map. I'm talking about the one in the Pause menu.

      How is anyone expected to see objectives on a map they don't know. How do you expect a rook to know what their team is talking about if they aren't real familiar with the map nor can they even see where their own team members are?

      This really needs to be added to Ghosts and should never have been excluded in the first place.

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          Welcome to hardcore mode on ghost. Don't drop the soap/

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            It's been this way for 7 years.

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              - It's been this way for 7 years- ***


              Actually there has always been a  tactical/mini-map available using the Start button in the previous versions of COD.

              It is even there in the core matches in Ghosts. But for some, absolutely wonderful (in somebody's mind), reason it has been omitted from the HC Ghosts matches.


              When it comes to making a sweeping statement, if it isn't gonna be accurate, at least make it entertaining.. 

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                I like it this way. It's called stealth.

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                  there has never been a mini map in hc unless the team has a uav in past games or satcom in this game. that is how hc has always been.


                  If you mean the pause/start map.. that was moved to the second screen functionality. So now you need a smart phone or tablet to see it anymore.

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                    You obviously don't get the point of HC...

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                      *Personal Opinion*


                      I always found it absolutely dumb that one could bring up a map, in a game mode that should have no map.


                      So the game is a little "harder" (/sarcasm?) now, with a bit more guess work and team coordination required.

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                          The Start button Map has always been available in HC. A lot of people were not aware of it. I never heard any complaints about it. But IW / Activision choose to remove it on Ghosts. After the 9 previous COD titles had it.

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                              Tradition is not a reason to keep doing something.


                              And then you answered your own question: Considering not a lot of people used it, not a lot of people would miss it.  Nobody complained it was there (true)... how many people are complaining it isn't? And by that even if 100 people do complain, that is still relatively nobody (statistically speaking).


                              I would look at it this way: Is it really required to bring up a map playing HC?

                              (is there a benefit? sure.. requirement? well nothing is required... but it is HC after all)


                              I have "tried" to use it, but I prefer just using my eyes and guess work at the flow of what is going on.


                              It is not there... is it really a big deal?

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                                  HC says no HUD, not no map.  The tactical map is used to coordinate with your team, and to know at a glance where everyone is, in exchange for leaving yourself undefended if someone comes across you.


                                  Every HC game before BO2 had the map AND showed activity, meaning enemy gunfire.  BO2's pause map did not show enemy gunfire, and i thought that was ridiculous.  The complete lack of minimap is part of the reason I stopped playing HC, which was my primary game type since WaW.


                                  If you hear gunfire, why should you not be able to use a map to pinpoint it?  I assume all the hate for "red dot chasers" comes from soundwhores who use their expensive headsets to keep that advantage while whining to have it taken away from everyone else.

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                                  Well they do make the game, they do have the right to decide what belongs and not regardless if some players like it or not.

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                                You should correct the title, there has never been a Mini-Map in HC aside from UAV/SatCom. But I think we all know you are referring to the Pause Menu map.


                                I have no clue why it was removed. Baffles me completely to be honest. As a long time HC player, I have found the map integral to  strategy. Helps to keep track of where teammates are and, as you pointed out, gives you a layout of the map. I used it frequently, especially before throwing a grenade into a building or area of the map.


                                This one makes no sense to me, and I don't see a good reason why it needed to be removed.

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                                    It was moved to second screen devices and was done in part to try and increase communication. No easy map to look at means players need to call out what is going on instead of watch a map instead. With the map in previous games I never talked to randoms I just looked at the map each spawn and then went from there.

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                                    It's not all about communication. It is about being able to see a layout of a map you have never been on before, or very rarely. 

                                    Even tho every XB1 came with a headset, it still boggles the mind at the number of people who play a team-oriented match without a headset. I love being in a match with a group that talks to each other, unfortunately that is more the exception rather than the norm.


                                    Give me the Tac Map that shows my troop locations and how the freakin' battle field is layed out.

                                    When you get dropped into a random lobby already in progress, it helps to be able to pull up that tac-map. 


                                    Not everybody who plays this game uses a 2nd screen. And honestly, with the COD apps' track records, I for one have not been a big fan of them.

                                      Instead of just that app, give me a new reliable updated variant of Elite that allows me to pull up any given map and mode to see the spawns, objectives and layouts in a web browser as well.  I am tired of the constant - "Service Unavailable" messages for the current COD app for Ghosts.

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                                      A "Rook" should not be playing hardcore. If you are new to the map, play core or check it out in a private match. I like the change a lot.

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                                          Thats what I tend to do as a matter of course. I tend to scope out angles, sightlines and flanking routes before I actually play em, just so if I want to get somewhere, I can make a more informed choice on the best route to take. Pretty key for the way I play, I like taking groups of enemies (or campers/defenders) in the flank, behind, or simply by surprise. I enjoy causing WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM moments

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                                          OldTraffordFan wrote:

                                          How do you expect a rook to know what their team is talking about if they aren't real familiar with the map


                                          By playing standard before going into Hardcore.


                                          It's not like they called it "Rookies play here". It's called "Hardcore", you should be familiar with a game before going into something called "Hardcore."