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    TsoD Clan Lvl 25 Diamond Division. recruiting. Xbox One and 360

      Hey everyone I have currently started back recruiting for my Clan. We are rank 25 and have currently won all 5 of our clan wars in Platinum Division and i have just opt'd us in for the upcoming diamond division. we are excited to hear about the new WAR CRY gear being rewarded to clans for winning in diamond division and would like to give other players the opportunity to win this gear also.The only requirements is that you have at least a 1.00 kd, that you have the app downloaded in order to communicate with other clan members, that you must participate in a clan war when it's going on and that you play every gamemode during the war. we are mainly an Xbox clan on the one but do have players on the 360. if you are interested my gamertag is KRYPTIC VELVET. you can also msg me on facebook. name is . Jerod Michael England. The clan can be found on the app also. clan name is typed out as TRUSOLDIEROFDES. Clan tag TSod. TRUE SOLDIERS OF DESTRUCTION.