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    Is it April 1st ?

      It was my first chance to play last night since the changes to the game (didn't get DLC). WTF is going on ?


      It would appear IW / Activision are just incapable when it comes to evening the game out and making it a FUN experiences. WTF have you done to Amplify and Dead silence NOW. A Player can't even hear himself slid now let alone food steps while dead silence is on. Amplify has gone from an abusive perk to almost worthless 99% of the time now. I hide in the long grass / bushes in Prison Break and players on the other team were basically running within knifing distance to me, if not standing on me and I only heard one player who obviously wasn't running DS. Every one else could tap dance on my head and I couldn't hear a thing even with Turtle beach and amplify.


      Don't get me wrong I feel both perks were unbalanced in ghosts but they have gone from one extreme to the other. People with any game sense and the ones that will give you a challenging game (not corner campers) will run DS now, making amply worthless and the ones that don't are the type of players I could kill without the need of amply anyway. This type of BS is what makes people like myself think you haven't gotten a dam clue about what the community asks for or how to make your game a fun experience.. With the amalgamation of game Data and player feedback you must of collected over the years, this is truthfully your best effort at balance these two perks.      SHAMEFULLY PATHETIC


      It would appear being a game designer is a licence to print cash, no matter how bad you are at it.

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          You see- they saw that almost everyone used DS, so they thought to themselves "gee this must be a perk that everyone just loves.." so they decided to make it even better, you know, to 'give back' a little.

          Meanwhile they never actually looked at the reason why almost everyone used it- and making changes there.

          So now, instead of everyone just using DS because of necessity, everyone will use it for how powerful it is as well.

          Think they failed problem solving 101.

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            Are you kidding me?! The DS and Amplify work as intended now. Yep, your camping days in "long grass" are over, time to move into a corner.

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                Camping ROFLMAO. First off please don't presume because I think this so called fix has gone too far, that I sit in a corner and camp ffs. I can think of nothing more mind numbing and boring than spending X amount on a game to sit in the corner in the hope some Noob will run past. It's like buying a sports car and never taking it out of your Garage.


                I can understand your limited ability to understand Amplify was not just for campers. It's due to individuals like yourself that this change has been implemented.  I may not run about like a man on drugs in Ghost but I still move around constantly even if it's detrimental to my KD. Amplified was a really good to counter rushers and allowed a limited ability to protect your rear end on maps that are not the best in the COD franchise. But instead of balancing these two perks to counter each other at a shorter distance, they have simply changed which of the two is now the most OP.


                No perk should be mandatory in COD but in Ghost there are a few that are if you wish to hold a reasonable KD, like Focus, Sitrep, stalker for assault users etc. So giving the reason Amplify was nerfed because every one was using it, is simply flawed.

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                You are the kid thats ruining this game. I cant even run to the other side of the map without checking every corner crouch walking the entire way there. They shouldnt have brought amplyfied into the game. What happened to MW2 with just ninja pro making your footsteps silent. We dont need amplified.

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                    Yes we do because dead silence needs a counter, you must have forgot about sitrep pro.

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                        I don't understand why a counter needs a counter.


                        DS is a counter to footsteps. That is it's ONLY advantage.


                        The counter to DS is your eyes and general awareness.


                        I don't want people to think I am against sound in the game, I am a huge supporter of improving sound in the game. But it should be one of the tools, not THE tool.


                        After seeing Lone Survivor and hearing the sound in that movie I couldn't help but think CoD could continue to improve their sound. Make it so players can hear the bullets whizzing around them. Instead of creating unbalanced perks like Amplify.. why not integrate the surroundings more? For example players could smash glass in the area they are defending. Any player who walks on that area would generate a "glass-crunching" sound effect. Wet areas should sound wet. You walk off an area of packed snow on a snow map, you make more noise... etc, etc. This would force DS users to think about where they were running or walking( Another thing to think about, DS could have slightly audible footsteps when walking and slightly louder when running). This would make FAR more sense than having a perk specifically designed to counter another perk that ALSO, by the way, acts as an Audio Wall Hack and discourages the player from moving.

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                      kustom shoota

                      All they did was they shifted the more powerful side to the side that helps the majority more, which is the people that don't use headsets.  It was the right business decision on Activision's part.


                      I'm the one with the 18 page thread hating that sound is this simple at all, loud or quiet.  Oh boy, so much to work with there.

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                          I agree you shouldn't have to use a headset to play Ghosts but now myself and many others have no reason too I may as well throw mine in the bin. The only thing wrong with Amplify was it made foot steps too loud at too far a distance if you used DS. They should of simply reduced the range you could hear people using DS and kept it the same for those wishing to run about with out DS. If you choose to run about like a headless chicken with out using Dead silence then in all honesty, you deserved to get killed.


                          It's called balancing and it's something the game developers simple do not seem to grasp at IW. Balancing something does not equate to making one perk OP at the cost of another. So what's next ? Are they remove or lesson to the point of stupidly the amount a player moves when shot. So FOCUS is no longer mandatory or even needed ?

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                          Hell I honestly can't remember the last game that shipped with DS/Ninja working properly. Hell, Black Ops: I think they were still working Ninja..6 months into the game. MW3: I don't ever remember it working..You could play on the fake Wasteland map w/ all the leaves.. and hear yourself crunching the hell out of grass and leaves.

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                            I think it's funny that people who loved amplify when IT was OP are now the ones complaining because it has been countered by another perk - as it should have been from the beginning. In my experience playing the game, the only people that actually ran with amplify were those that camped - whether it be in a corner, on a rooftop, etc.


                            Sounds like someone is just butt-hurt that they now have to actually pay attention to their surroundings rather than sound-whoring to get their kills......but hey - that's just my opinion

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                                No the perks should work like this.


                                Deadsilence / Lessen all player sounds by 400%.

                                Amplify / Raise all player sounds by 400%.


                                When the players meet they will meet as perk-less players that hear each other at 100%. That is called balance.

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                                at this point they r better off just removing both

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                                  " I hide in the long grass / bushes in Prison Break and players on the other team were basically running within knifing distance to me, if not standing on me and I only heard one player who obviously wasn't running DS. Every one else could tap dance on my head and I couldn't hear a thing even with Turtle beach and amplify."


                                  Congrats, you just proved why it was changed. Because unaware players shouldn't be rewarded.

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                                      But dead silence players should get to have a perk that isn't countered? So the unaware player is getting awarded because they don't have to watch their six with their overpowered dead silence that has no counter.

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                                          There is a counter it is called using the eyes and paying attention and looking around. Not expecting a perk to do it for you. If you don't see the person lying there it is your fault. If you didn't check behind you and got shot in the back it is your fault. Keep your head on swivel and look around all the time. Don't move with tunnel vision or ads all the time.

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                                        So what is the counter Perk to DS then, there isn't one. The change was made because people cried DS didn't counter Amp but now Amp doesn't counter DS. So HOW is this a fix.


                                        These two Perks should Just cancel each other out as if neither player has it equipped. That's it full stop, the game reverts to it's normal sound pre-set. Yet DS now completely renders Amp USELESS.


                                        And for the 100000000 time Amp is not a PERK ONLY CAMPERS USED. 


                                        I can understand it can be abused by campers but punishing every one who uses it because Activison / IW made the most campy COD ever is BS.

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                                            Not every perk has to have a perk that counters it 100% for the game to be balanced. There is no such thing as a 100% balanced game and never has been and never will be. This game is not the most campy game ever. I can remember just as much camping during BO2, MW3, BO1, MW2, WaW, MW. Camping will always be part of this game.

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                                            First off I do miss listening to myself slide with dead silence on. Secondly, you are going through the first stage of adjustment. Its shocking at first.


                                            Ive used dead silence and amplify since the game was released (because I have a broken leg) . I'm still using it and have no problems with the changes made.


                                            I'm not trying to get into philosophies or a balancing discussion here. Just sharing my experiences as a avid dead silence/amplify user, before and after patch.

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                                              you aren't the only only who hides in "long grass/bushes" on prison break, I honestly feel bad for anybody that hides in a video game.

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                                                No. Its only Feb 1st.


                                                Its a new week for a new complaint of a game you must play or else you will die.


                                                Cant wait to see next weeks complaint.