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    Answers? Appologies? Acknoledgement? COD is Broken

      Why has Activision or IW not even acknowledged there is a problem and let us know they are working to fix it?


      How about an ETA on when or if it will be fixed......????


      I know they will never fix the lag issue they broke with the so called lag comp fix...I have a 20x10 connection with 20ms ping and nothing but the XBONE on it and it seems I am a half to full second behind every game I played since the update also screen is jittery and I have been spawned on or next to an enemy more than not, I should of had the XBONE record it sense it was on a final kill cam twice now.


      No matter how you slice it, it is broken and as long as we keep buying they will keep releasing crap and insisting there is nothing wrong with the game.


      XBOX + Getting maps first = Beta testers for PS

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