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    Some Questions

      1     . If i sign up for the free Xbox live Gold Trial on the website, do the give me a code to put into my Xbox, can i print it out then redeem it on my Xbox?


      2. I play offline mostly, but i can't use the new Maverick AR/Sniper. Do  have to go online and set up a class with it before i can use it offline?

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          1. you can sign up directly on your xbox itself. no need to go to the website to do it. No need to redeem a code, since it is tied to the account that signs up.


          2. do you have the dlc? if not than will not be able to use offline or online. you must have purchased the dlc in order to use the gun.It is not available if either way if you don't own the dlc.

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              1. Ok, but if i was to sign up on the website, will the give me a code?


              2. I do have the dlc, so if i use the gun online, can me and my friends use it offline?

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                  you can only use the gun offline on your main console. if you play on say your friends console or any other one you'll need to be logged online. its got nothing to do with call of duty but rather microsoft to prevent people sharing dlc. since only one account can be logged on at once, only two console could potentially use the dlc (one offline main console and one online friends console).

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                XBL trial is only for new Gamertags.


                You make your gamertag on the Xbox and in some countries you automatically start your free month. No code to enter in. Now some places and some games have the code in them but as I mentioned its only on new accounts.