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    Season Pass Question?

      Hey all. First up, I do not know whether to post this in the Xbox 360 section, or the Xbox One section. Yesterday, I bought a season pass for $65 on my Xbox One. I have Ghosts on the One and the 360. I then (today) went onto my Xbox 360, expecting to be able to redownload the maps with the season pass already linked to my account that I bought the other night. I looked everywhere - Marketplace, Ghosts In-Game Store, etc. I could not find my season pass. So basically I was wondering if there was a way to get my season pass from the One onto my 360. Thanks in advance.

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          I'm sure someone will be here to answer your question shortly. Until then, have you considered calling Microsoft's support line? Just applying common sense, I doubt that one pass will cover two systems, even if it is the same account. I hope I am wrong, as I would love to update our Xbox one as well, but I expect I'll have to buy another pass for it.

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            hi i think its possible to transfer from one to the other but its a total transfer moving the whole package rather than copying

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              Season pass in console type based. Can't be transferred

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                No unfortunately my friend there is no method for transferring a season pass from the One to the 360 at this time, but it will transfer from the 360 to the One and work on both but only if you purchased on the 360 this offer was put in place to help those who bought a season pass on last gen platforms and had something when upgrading, this offer currently will only last till the May 31st 2014.


                I am sorry if this is not the answer you required buddy but it is the reality, it is unfortunate tha this happened my advice is that you try to get a refund (make a fuss) and if it works then purchase the way I explained, however refunds are unlikely with Microsoft condolences.

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                  You bought the season pass on the Xbox one you will NEVER be able to play the maps on the 360 without buying it again on the 360..


                  The Season Pass UPGRADE is just that, it is an upgrade not a downgrade.

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                    As mentioned above, you should have bought it on the 360 and then moved it to the One as this is an upgrade, it doesn't go the other way.

                    There's a lot of people kicking off over this so whose to say MS might do something and give you a freebie but don't hold your breath.