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    The Spawns

      So as I read the new patch update to all platforms, I see that infinity ward decided that the spawns were not good enough. I was so happy at this point because I knew they were terrible. However, I have been playing for the last 3 days since it was released and I see no improvement. In fact, I think it has worsened. I am going to make a montage of bad spawns and upload it to YouTube. If anyone wants to see this, it is, www.YouTube.com/SythResurge

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          I've noticed better spawns on Stonehaven.


          I haven't spawned inside the castle where a sniper up in the top corner can snipe me the moment I move. You now spawn outside the castle.

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            spawns fixed? worse than before? i guess to get them more worse than before isn't possible !!! never saw a cod game with awful spawns like here in ghosts...and in my opinion , now after patch, i don''t think they are more worse, i simply think NOTHING has BEEN DONE or CHANGED !!! same crappy spawn system as before, as one could think the only thing IW did, was to tell everyone they changed it, hoping for a placebo-effect...but NO !!! spawn still CRAP and an insult to every cod-gamer...


            and about spawning inside the castle, getting spawn-killed...NO, STILL HAPPENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOT KILLED directly after respawn, same as EVER BEFORE, just 5 minutes ago...before 5 minutes when i rage-quited after getting killed over and over again after respawn and too ******* angry to spend more worthy time for a game that should be fun instead of annoying...