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    lunatik dynasty clan (lvl.13) clan wars "the springs" bronze division winners recuriting all platforms (ps3,ps4,wii,xbox,pc) clan k/d 1.31 win% 54

      we are looking for new members(male's and female's welcome) from any time zone or country to join our clan and help us win clan wars and to just play matches with good people that like to play. I have well over 300 hours of match time we are always on. unlike some clans we are not just taking "the best" want decent people who play we have 12 members looking for several more. looking for members who like to play for fun and competition, male's and female's are welcome would like k/d around 0.90 would be nice if you had mic but it's not mandatory, across all platforms, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox1, and PC players. if you want to join go to the call of duty app and apply. if you don't have the app contact us and we'll get your info and send you invite. join us now help us win clan wars. people from all time zones and countries welcome. also looking for some people from ps3,xbox,wii,pc to help run clan from there, help recruit manage clan wars, etc. from their platform .