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    origins EE as early as possible

      I have done the easter egg solo multi times. I have the EE itself down i just want some tips on how to get it down before round 18. I would like 15,16, or 17. Every time I do it is around round 22-26 and want to do it sooner. I know its possible to do it as early as 15 so i would just like some guides on how to do it earlier.

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          Re: origins EE as early as possible

          Yeah I'm sort of working on this as well. A couple of things we have been trying is getting to jug by round two solo and round three co-op. Some things we do is buy the m14 and shoot one less than the round count and stab at gen 3. We don't open up to gen 2 until later and when we do we use solidus_klat's idea and drop down from the tank track that goes from gen 5 to gen 2. To get out you leave via the tank track that leads to gen 4 but you drop down and go to the sporn room and buy the door into sporn. This saves you a lot of money in the early rounds but allows you to turn on the gen and get the zombie shield parts by round 3.


          So by doing this you can have gen 1, 2 and 3 on. You will have the zombie shield built, possibly have two ice staff parts, blue disc, purple disc and air strike bomb tablet by the end of round 3.


          From here we fill up the boxes. I suck at killing the Pandat zombie so I like to get the Lightning staff in co-op or the Bromhilder by the end of round 7. I think the best we have done is have the three boxes in No Mans Land filled by round 6 or 7 I think it was.  By round 8 we had all the staffs built except Ice and had Lightning and Wind ready to be upgraded.


          Not sure what the best thing to do is after that. To get the first step of the fire staff done, fill the church box, start cleaning the tablet or all of them at once if in co-op.


          That is all we get to because the last couple of times someone does something silly and one of us goes down and then the rest of us do trying to revive each other.

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            Re: origins EE as early as possible

            im up for it i have a friend with me i need to finish die rise ,mob of the dead ,buried ,origins message me misfer980 and my friends i.d is R_plus2 looking forward to this

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              Re: origins EE as early as possible

              Get the air strike bombs as soon as possible, try before round 7, get them with a shield or upgraded staff (one hit melee till 15) then use fire staff to upgrade other staffs as you do the fire puzzle, fill the challenge chests for the punch last just before second to last step when you actually need them, this is most common mistake... every one is trying to fill these chests wasting time when you need about 200kills to finish them off. I have done it as early as round 16.

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                Re: origins EE as early as possible

                I originally thought 15 was the earliest you could do it... however, I have recently completed it by round 14 in solo.

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                    Re: origins EE as early as possible

                    how did you do it that early? what order and rounds did you do the steps?

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                        Re: Re: origins EE as early as possible

                        Rd 1: towards tablet

                        Rd 2/3: upgrade staff (I prefer wind)

                        Rd 4: move tablet

                        Rd 5&6 with part of 7: close 2 boxes

                        Rd 7: remainder put towards g strike and 7 toward staffs

                        Rd 8: fire challenge (IF you could build ice in rd 3 or 4) otherwise close a box

                        Rd 9: finish upgrading staffs (IF....) otherwise close last box

                        hopefully whatever remains is enough to get you the g strike here with just a couple zombies left from rd 9

                        so then

                        Rd 9: place staffs; break seal; panzer horde (pack Mauser just before this step); sky baron

                        Rd 10: if you built ice early, now do third box, if not, now do ice staff

                        Rd 11: close last box/finish upgrades

                        Rd 11: glow fist zombies - distance punch and then purify them

                        Rd 12, 13 & 14... 100 zombies in the crazy place!

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                        Re: origins EE as early as possible

                        I don't want to call you a liar, but I have tried multiple times without wasting a single zombie and found it impossible to finish it before 16.


                        What is your strategy if you don't mind me asking.

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                            Re: Re: origins EE as early as possible

                            Well, if you do the math, you can see that if you don't waste a single zombie, you will have utlized 365 zombies by the end of round 14.  The Easter Egg requires a total of 360 zombies (neutralizing the fire staff first challenge as overlapping staff upgrades).

                            Let me tell you though... The hardest part is the amount of time you have to spend with the round 1 zombies in order to get them somewhere useful.  I typically put them towards the tablet, as its the easiest(relative) place to get them to... but it takes a LONG time to do this....

                            Round 2 involves some more pedantic point making to, hopefully, open excavation and gen 5.  This can be difficult as i don't buy QR or Jugs until I've finished upgrading a staff (wind more than likely) which happens in Rd 3.

                            ummm lemme see... what else is key...

                            Oh... Close 2 boxes before rd 8... if you put your zombies towards the tablet and g strike before doing this, you potentially will have wasted zombies at the end of rd 7... close the boxes and then whatever remainder you have put towards the g strike and put 7 towards ice or lightning before rd 8...

                            One of the other key components that I theorized about and have now confirmed is that you do not have to kill the white glow fist zombies for the iron fist... yes... I know... maybe this has already been discovered and is known or maybe not idk... but I had 5 zombies left in round 11 and didn't kill a single one and got the iron fist.

                            My girlfriend took a picture because she was just as amazed as I was that I did this...

                            I have a video stream somewhere as well if you need more proof.

                            I can go into more detail about sections too if you'd like


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                                Re: origins EE as early as possible

                                Yeah man, you do it differently to me. Weird though how we have the same amount of zombies in a match yet it takes me longer!?


                                Still... bravo man. You definitely have the current world record for finishing it as far as I know.

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                                  Re: origins EE as early as possible

                                  Well, I'm intrigued. How do you get the iron fists without killing any zombies?

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                                      Re: origins EE as early as possible

                                      its a method of punching at them without making full contact... you'll know you've done it right when you see their glowing fists disappear, 10 points added for "hitting" them, and they don't go down... From here, you do what I call purifying... you run around with them in the staff room until they keel (important to stay in their vicinity; if you ditch an injured zombie, they will just die without you receiving credit and they won't respawn). After they respawn, they should have another set of glowing fists and be at perfect health...they don't always come back with glow fists, and in rd 11 it can take a long time before they keel, but if you have the patience, you can take away 20 glowing fists and get the iron fist power up without killing any of them.

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                                Re: origins EE as early as possible

                                We can do the majority of the easter eggs by round 3-4, we just need people to do it with us. add our gamertag (Xbox360) gradstoner2012x


                                We'll explain how

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