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    Don't want it to be just another complainer but

      Is it me or has anyone else having problems with lag, I mean it's horrible, even squads are laggy as hell, I don't think it's my internet because for any other game it works great. I've seeing people talking and complaining about a lot of things but not much about the lag during the online play...


      I don't want to be another complainer, I really like the game, it's been a while since I bought a CoD game, actually since Black Ops, everything feels different from previews old CoD games but it's fun I really like squads and the option to create my own custom squad, but the lag is really annoying. I don't remember CoD4 MW being this bad online.

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          I have found after the latest update/patch the lag is pretty bad :-( the problem we have is that when ghosts was first announced, they announced a "brand new Engine" they still have the old quake Engine from the stone age where they keep updating it...


          They lied about bringing us a brand new built from scratch Engine unfortunately.. but hey there is nothing we can do about it. they know COD is dying so they are trying to do "everything" they can to bleed money from the community.


          The day this will be fixed is the day EVERYONE stops buying their games and that's NEVER going to happen.

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              I actually had stopped buying CoD games after Black Ops, which I only bought it because it was made by Treyark and I liked their games a little more, but CoD games became pretty much repetitive for me. This one didn't change much in the story and multiplayer camp, but I like the Squads game mode, ranking up and custom built each squad member and seeing them in the field doing their thing is fun, sometimes they really do some really funny stuff. I only which there was a way to reset the points I wasted in stuff like weapons and attachments I didn't like, even if it was to reset all custom characters so I can re-use it on things I want.


              Anyway, I've been searching for any info if there's a way to fix the lag which is affecting even the squads game mode, at the moment I'm using wireless but I'll switch to wired connection, it's just that I play all other games using wireless and had no problem...

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              The lag for me is kind of strange. I noticed it right away in multiplayer, Squads and just playing bots. Even with bots I would get my ass kicked. At the same time my PS3 Blu-Ray would be crunching away so loud I could hear it in the next room. About a week ago my PS3 froze and I restarted it. After that I restarted there was very little noise coming out of my PS3 then I notice most of the lag was gone. Squads bots play smooth and multiplayer is a little better. I still get a little lag but also I still hear just a slight noise form my Blu-Ray. Not sure if its a coincidence or not.

              I don't get this kind of lag or noise from other online games (cough(battlefield4)) and I'm wired straight into the modem with 100% open connection. makes me wonder

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                  Honestly, I think the update was a joke.  The lag, the game still freezes (which really stinks when you're winning a match and it comes down to you taking a node in clan wars or another clan and before the match ends it freezes and you don't get the win), half of our clan members can't even connect to each other, if we manage to get into a lobby together we can't hear each other.  It's just insane.  I'm so sick of hearing we are working on it.  Why are we this far into the game and you're still working out major bugs and why are we this far into the game and it's still taken over by hackers/modders/cheaters.  I think the update really did nothing, but blow smoke up our backsides.  I don't think I will be purchasing another COD game again, I am pretty irritated paying for something I can't even enjoy. 

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                  Ghost, in under 3 months, has had more tech. problems than BOPs 2 has had in over a year

                  Great job IW.